Response to Kelly Scoles' "Second Opinion".
Hello again, Kelly.
We disagree sharply on the issue of Sidney Powell's lawsuit in the matter of the "systemic election fraud". Arizona is finally attempting to audit its votes. I wish all of the evidence of this historic fraud would be presented in a public forum (judicial or otherwise) where it could be exposed by experts. That would shut down all the angry conjecture. Who but the guilty parties would object?

I disagree with your statement that "no one with any sense would have believed her arguments." I haven't paid much attention to statements alleged to have been made by Powell's attorneys, but if her own attorney said his arguments on her behalf were "idiotic" this would be a serious breach of ethics - and a violation of common sense. Powell's evidence has never been properly evaluated by objective parties.

As for Matt Gaetz (R-FL) as a man now accused of criminal conduct, he is presumed to be innocent until, and unless, proved guilty. This is the Constitutional right of every American citizen, as you know. I recall four years of false criminal accusations against then-President Trump with governmental connivance. Let's let him confront his accusers and may truth follow.

And as for Jim Jordan (Ohio Rep) allegations from 30-years ago, they remain only that. Do we want to go into these sorts of allegations with Democrats? I can't think of a "clean" Democrat leader since Harry Truman. Jim Jordan is a good man and a great member of Congress. It's refreshing to see a strong member speak truth to power as Jordan does.

I haven't kept up with Trump's activities since the election steal so I can't comment.

VP Harris will soon be elevated to President Harris. Thereafter she will be frequently saluted and would be expected to return the salute. She could use some practice.

It's worth taking a closer look at our President-in-Waiting, VP Harris. An essential part of the 2020 election fraud collusion was choosing Biden and Harris. The great election cabal planned very carefully. Knowing Biden probably wouldn't last more than a year after taking office, Harris was counted on to giggle-in as the feeble replacement, absent any qualifications or experience. So, she will be totally dependent upon the Obama leftovers to direct her decisions and create her policies. Our communist-Islamic enemies have only contempt for her and her country.

With the green-eyed monsters of China, Russia, North Korea and Iran keenly observing Harris as pretend president, they see a babe-in-the-woods to be devoured. They see the once most powerful nation in the world reduce its military to a confused paper tiger, betrayed by Progressive, politically correct power brokers - people who are disconnected to all to American Judeo-Christian tradition, culture and purpose. The American Republic is being sold to our enemies for a few more trillion dollars. They are feeding the beast that will defeat them. They will wring the American eagle by the neck and invite the world's millions to overwhelm us. Our government will be destabilized, our military neutered, our schools and hospitals deluged, jobs dramatically reduced, and Democratic Party voting majorities fixed in perpetuity. We will become something strange as our sovereignty slips away.

Sound too fantastic? Our enemies today do not play politically correct games. They don't believe in climate change or green dreams. They don't believe a person can change his own gender. They don't believe in good faith or fair play. They don't believe in Judeo-Christian moral values. They don't believe that mathematics is racist. They don't believe in democracy. They HATE all of these things, and the people who do believe in them. They freely admit they are here to dominate us.
Above all - they don't believe in God. They see all of these things as simply manifestations of weakness, an invitation to be attacked.

So, why should any rational American believe his country is safe?

I believe our nation will be in war, kinetic or electromagnetic, this year.

Why? For the above reasons, and:

China is beginning to block the South China Sea and is targeting Taiwan, which we now cannot counter without heavy loss, or defeat.

Russia has staged massively against Ukraine, and in new Arctic bases.

North Korea has built a credible land, sea, and missile force, and is now unrestrained by the US under Biden.

Iran continues to build nuclear, air, and sea forces, while naive Biden handlers try to resuscitate the disastrous agreement halted by Trump.

All four of our major enemies have now lost all respect for American military and economic strength developed by Donald Trump. There has never been a greater opportunity to attack America, and China will lead that attack. With their (and Russia's) new hypersonic nuclear ballistic missiles, American intelligence admits they can now take out an entire US carrier strike group. Our latest, $13-billion super carrier cannot even launch aircraft reliably with its new electronic equipment (which supplanted the decades-old but reliable steam-launcher).

But why worry? Trump is gone, and Ms. Kamala is running the show!