The Gazette will pay a $100 reward for information proving who the person or persons were who sprayed defoliant on the ficus tree next to the great oak near the intersection of Sespe Ave. and Orchard Streets. Only a sick person would do something like this to a beautiful, historic tree. It is hoped that the tree can be saved.
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A response to Kelly Scoles' "Second Opinion".

Hello Kelly,
I think I will frame your letter and hang it on my office wall as a classic example of shaky liberal thinking. It's a perfect specimen.

You attempt to answer the many questions I never asked. The subject of my last column focused upon the outrageous injustice (and should be illegality) of men competing against women in women's sports, under the pseudo-scientific category of "transgender" - a pseudo phenomenon only recently recognized by our politically correct psycho-medical system. (I'm speaking here only of individuals who believe they can actually change their biological gender by simply wishing and believing it is so.) 2000-years of rational, traditional medical knowledge recognizes this (except for some Caesars) as delusion. It reminds one of a young man who wakes up one morning feeling he is a giraffe, and therefore demands that the doorways in his house be raised 10-feet to accommodate the length of his new neck. He's now Woke to his new reality.

I'm thinking of a young man who is "transgendering" who, after triumphing on the women's swim team (for example) believes he should shower-up with "his" female teammates after the meet. Under Title 1X there's nothing to stop him, except Christian tradition - and common sense - both taboo among Woke liberals.

You imply I have never advocated for women's rights? On what basis do you assert this? I raised two daughters, always opening paths to every sport that interested them. I " it to sports" because that was the subject. How many other subjects should I have discussed? And my "true advocacy against men...being allowed to compete against women" under Title 1X, was, again, the subject. It is indeed unfair and (should I say it?) - unnatural - to promote this sort of competition due to the significant male strength and endurance advantage. Do you deny this? Men and women are absolutely equal in dignity and intelligence, but otherwise beautifully unique. My question to you is, do you think "transgender" men should be permitted to compete in all women's sports as pretend women? As you can see, I don't think so.

But why argue about the fairness of "transgender" men competing against real women? A simple resolution to this dilemma is to have all "transgender" men compete against each other. That could draw a crowd.

Something toxic has entered the logical thought processes of young people today. Political correctness is telling them, for example, that mathematics is racist. This might be called a logical fallacy. It's a false idea which is being urged upon unsuspecting political neophytes being fed Orwell's "1984" newspeak propaganda - intellectually corrosive, typical Democratic Party fare.

Then, you begin to lecture me about LGBTQ "or any other term used to label human experience of sexuality or gender, is inadequate..." Frankly, I would be completely happy remaining ignorant of these self-inflicted "challenges and burdens" you describe. God bless them all and make them well again. Free will is one of the greatest gifts of God, right after life itself. I don't understand this group, or as you say, "the people they are becoming." They will choose right or wrong, good or bad, and accept the consequences. They can even change course. As you say, "...we should all take notice of [these folks] and support their human quest". And I agree! With my support I want them all to enjoy happiness, eternally. However, there is only one path to that truth, which is Jesus Christ, who is God, all merciful, and always the same yesterday, today and forever.

Now don't go throwing pots and pans at me for this (I apologize if the kitchenware metaphor is too sexist, - I substitute sticks and stones) but you should have expected a conservative response!

After all, you ask "...if one is a believer in a benevolent and intelligent Creator"...and I am, He is Jesus who wrote the Book so we can confidently travel from time to eternity, into a place called Heaven. I didn't intend this to become some sort of spiritual travelogue, but you made me do it.

Boys and girls have always chosen their own sports. The best women basketball players don't choose to be in the NBA because it would be unfair to have their best players confront, for example, a 325-lb, Shaquille O'Neal thundering up the court (when he was thundering).

Therefore, transgender men should not take advantage of the imbecilic Title 1X (Biden translation) of "sex" to mean "transgender" sex, which will destroy all traditional, competitive women's sports. You trans guys out there, it's time to man-up and leave those pigtails alone.