My apologies to the late American writer Dixon Lanier Merritt (1879–1972) for last week's pelican limerick. I neglected to credit him.


Mary Scoles - sorry, ran out of time and space to respond to your Second Opinion.


I'm starting this column late after trying to gather some historical background, so I may have to cut it short. I'm glad I'm not a part of the big media, or the medium-sized media, or even the small media. I'm privileged to be a part of the vanishing nano media, so I'm free to scribble on about small personal stuff unthinkable with the big guys - like being late and tired.

But there's nothing small about the threats endangering America today - they're all huge and imminent.

I'm thinking about the destruction the Biden administration is doing at every level of government in its frantic effort to erase all Trump administration achievements. Shutting down so many petroleum producing facilities has wiped out tens of thousands of high-paying jobs, quickly raising the price of gasoline, and reversing our hard-fought energy independent status.

Opening the southern borders to welcome the entire world's illegal immigrants without facilities to properly handle them, in the middle of a pandemic, with Americans out of work, is just another stupid, vindictive move to disrupt Trump's orderly border plan.

There's not space enough here to discuss the mysterious Biden foreign policy ideas because they don't exist. Things have begun to fall apart more rapidly than I had feared. I can see no evidence of competence in Biden administration appointees or nominees. This ship of state is headed full steam ahead without a rudder, and the world sees it all.

Even though I understand what happened during and after the 2020 election, I have to stand back and try to grasp the galactic scope of the consequences. Nothing like this has happened in 2000 years - since about the year 751CE. I can think of no comparable event until 2020 AD., when our Republic was betrayed by the Democratic Party. This betrayal of our Constitution caused the American government to fall into the hands of people whose intention is to change that government from a democratic Republic into a socialist-communist system, a one party institution, a complete transformation of authority.

Why the comparison of the Democratic Party's fraudulent election win of 2020 with the Donation of Constantine in the year 751 CE? It's because both events transferred entire civilizations from legitimate government to illegitimate by truly audacious, orchestrated fraud. In the Donation's case the fraud succeeded for some 700 years. In the case of America's 2020 election the fraud was caught early but Congress and the court system refused to halt the treasonous activity.

The so-called Donation of Constantine purported to effectively "deed" the entire Western Roman Empire to the Pope, with all spiritual and temporal power. "Nicholas of Cusa (1401-1464 CE), seems to have been the first to seriously question the validity of the document and declared it a forgery. This claim was [next] proven by the priest and scholar Lorenzo Valla in 1439-1440 CE."

"The major significance of The Donation of Constantine is that it granted the pope power to engage in temporal, civil, affairs", throughout the entire Western Roman Empire."

One big difference between these two fraudulent events is the time it took to discover the fraud. The "Donation" took centuries to uncover, the Democrat Party fraud was uncovered as it was taking place. Ironically, the first fraud at least was remedied as soon as it was discovered. Though the election fraud and its practitioners and methods are now well known - there can never be a remedy - the consequences of this monumental fraud may well result in the end of our Republic.

In more bluntly realistic times this would have caused an armed rebellion. I believe our federal Capital is now surrounded with razor wire and 10-foot-high fencing, not to protect against falsely alleged fear of some white militia attack. The barriers are there because Democratic leaders understand that their ongoing legislative intentions will be so repugnant, that out of a sense of self-preservation, normal American citizens may rebel to save their Republic. Behind that fence Democratic leaders are busy stitching together plans for the creation of their new, Woke Constitution, using pieces like mail-in balloting that worked so well for them in 2020, and disappearing borders. So they wall-up our Capitol while opening our southern border to the world's millions - millions of new Democrat voters, which will overwhelm the normal balance between the Right and Left, ending the Republican Party by design.

Meanwhile, our sham president Biden and his manically liberal vice shamster, Kamala, are hoping to lead America through the threats of our communist enemies by means of strong, well intentioned feelings. Promoting good vibes and an obsequious reaching-out to Xi Jinping, Kim Jong-un, Vladimir Putin, Hassan Rouhani, Bashar al-Assad, et al. is likely to be disastrously unsuccessful. Our enemies are humorless. But, Facebook and Google can provide America with sunnier perceptions and happier illusions....until....