A response to Mary (aka Kelly) Scoles', Second Opinion.

It's OK to allude to pelicans in your swat at Republicans, Mary, i.e. "Relicans", a bird so full of élan that it inspires poetry: "A wonderful bird is the Pelican. His beak can hold more than his belly can. He can hold in his beak, Enough food for a week! But I'll be darned if I know how the hellican?" - but, nice try. The pelican is historically symbolic of many good things.

I'm glad you recognize Governor Andrew Cuomo to be "... a pain in the neck, smug, bullying, bombastic, ego-maniacal, and now likely... ("leaving aside for now the two sexual harassment claims..."). But wait! This just in -- Cuomo has attracted another sexual harassment claim, number three! Who could hope for more? This is why we refer to leaders of the Democratic Party as Democrats, or Rats for short. Besides, who can say "Joe is a Democratic?"

And, please, as for Senator Cruz at CPAC. What conceivable harm did he do to anyone? He was only behaving like that immortal, symbolic pelican - taking care of his kids. As I said before, he's a good Dad. Talk about "The easy political virtue of the Relicans"? Think about the virtues of a hovering social buzzard like Cuomo!

As for CA Atty.Gen. Xavier Bercerra, OK. OK. We'll call him a doctor, just get him out of California, please. But remember, the majority of Congress is composed of Hypocritic, Oath- Taking Democrats who spawned Joe Biden and family's international rackets.


It's with a sense of sadness mixed with alarm that I think of America's security today. The fraudulent election of 2020 has caused a perfect coup d'é•tat, a perfect seizure of power (the White House, Congress, and the Courts) by the Cabal, Democratic Party and virtually all associated power bases in this nation. Our country has been subverted.

Nothing like this coup d'état has ever before attacked our Republic, and many still deny the fact. Warnings were ignored and Constitutional defenses were withheld. Loyal citizens, after observing the fraud, took hope in our Supreme Court, Courts of Appeal, and District Courts. But our entire judicial system refused to take action, refused even to consider the evidence, before and after the election, and therefore joined the Cabal. The most meticulously constructed case (Sidney Powell's) has just had her final appeals to the Supreme Court dismissed.

“The Supreme Court's failure to address the massive election fraud and multiple constitutional violations that wrought a coup of the presidency of the greatest country in world history completes the implosion of each of our three branches of government into the rubble of a sinkhole of corruption,” Powell said in an email to Forbes Monday. “It is an absolute tragedy for the Rule of Law, the future of what was a Republic, and all freedom-loving people around the world.”

This is a case where the saying "Truth is stranger than fiction" applies absolutely. Despite the rejection by the courts, proof of this astounding, successful criminal conspiracy is indisputable - that is, anyone understanding mathematics, alone, must affirm the conclusion of the most prominent scientists who have studied the election, i.e. the election was systemically fraudulent. To those who continue to dispute this conclusion the challenge remains, here's the proof, show us where we are wrong! There are no takers. Our court system is now largely corrupt.

The election process should have been halted for examination of evidence of systemic fraud. Nothing was done. An emergency election shut-down device of some kind must be mandated hereafter because Democrats are planning another mail-in fraud-fest next election.

Those who disregard the scientific, and eyewitness facts and conclusions, I must say, are fools, or abettors. Their foolishness and disbelief helps to doom the health of our Republic by destabilizing government. The danger is at hand.

That often identified cabal of power mongers, once again: Big Tech, Big Industry, Big Banks, the Democratic Party, Big Teacher's Unions, Big Media, and Communist China, seasoned the conspiracy with unlimited cash (nearly $400 million from Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook) in the Georgia run-off). Corrupt liberal state courts, governorships, and mayoralties, managed details as well - with paid-off turncoat Republicans. In short, absolute power has corrupted absolutely.

Skipping the practical details, this is what happened, and what may happen again soon.

A Trump landslide of historical proportions was overturned at the last minute. An illegitimate, mentally challenged person was (as planned) fraudulently inaugurated president, and a woman known more for her sleeping arrangements than for any successful executive experience, was trotted-in as vice president.

Sham president Biden began his term as expected, exhibiting cognitive dissonance and a frantic determination to begin legislating by signing more than 40 executive orders immediately, canceling many Trump orders. Obama and Trump authorized less than 10 during their first year. Biden is unable to speak with leaders of foreign nations, as is traditional, and has sham VP Harris handle the calls instead. He has avoided his State of Union Address. We should be mindful that sham VP Harris knows nothing about foreign policy; what does she say to those foreign leaders?

Biden's mental incapacity is so pronounced now that we should be asking who is making the every-day decisions, for example, who decided when and where Iran was recently attacked? Who made that decision? How will Biden (or Harris) handle North Korea? I try to imagine Ms. Harris engaging with Mr. Kim about nuclear issues. What about China's planned attack on Taiwan? The South China Sea?

And then there are the special issues of Communist China, a personal friend and business associate of sham president Biden for years when he was pimping his son Hunter out for the family's huge, lucrative deals, in the billions. Then there are the two laptops with "tens of thousands of tapes, photos, and documents of a criminal nature, including drugs, child porn, and Hunter's participation in this conduct. See: Tucker Carlson footage of Tony Bobulinski (a Biden family CEO) interview on Biden family, with credible, emails, text messages, phone calls, credit cards, and Homeland Security Committee corroboration.

But, nobody wants to hear the facts!

Imposed silence is also clear evidence that the liberal media are enemies of the American people (free speech). This is why it's so difficult to show any facts proving the Biden family has been a criminal syndicate for many years. It's just too astounding for many to believe, but those credible emails, text messages, phone calls, credit cards, and Homeland Security Committee corroboration establish the facts.

I've strayed again from the message. Watch closely and ask - who is acting as chief executive of the United States? Who is pretending to be Commander in Chief of our armed forces? Who is in charge of the "atomic football" (which 30-plus Democrats signed a petition to have removed from Biden's possession)? It's NOT Joe! And Kamala is clueless.

Our government has fragmented. Time to duck and cover - or get Trump back!