My thanks to David Johnson for his letter and (the recently late) Rush Limbaugh's final letter to President Trump. Rush was one of the greatest political thinkers, communicators, and patriots of the past 100 years. I agree completely with Rush's assessment of President Trump's character and extraordinary accomplishments in four short years. His fraudulent election defeat marks the beginning of the end of our American Republic if this crime remains unacknowledged, the criminal conspirators escape conviction, and if courts fail to provide absolute protection against such future treason. For now, American democracy is in severe jeopardy, at the point of communistic conversion. Beware the Democratic Party and its Chinese Communist Party subversives.


Response to "Second Opinion", by Kelly Scoles.

Hello, Kelly.

How can I correct you? Let me count the ways.

Let's begin with your statement "...the weaponry retrieved from the mob in Trump's Capitol War." No firearms were found on the 100 or so rioters who entered the Capitol building. Among the 100,000-plus demonstrators outside the Capitol, weapons were found on Capitol grounds and elsewhere. "The grounds immediately surrounding the U.S. Capitol are bordered by a stone wall and cover an area of 58.8 acres." Inside the Capitol, during the riot, weapons "...including hockey sticks, flagpoles, fire extinguishers and a police shield stolen from an officer" were found. This is not to say the invasion was not criminal in itself. But it's interesting to note that despite the trashing of office files, most office floor lighting and furniture was largely undamaged, and the building was not set on fire, as is typical of serious rioting (like last summer) by BLM and Antifa.

Also, the single death by firearm was due to a poorly instructed Capitol police officer who had not learned to leave his trigger finger out of the trigger well and along the slide, instead. The rest of the officers complied with this universal safety manual of arms requirement and did not fire. Video shows a rioter throwing a fire extinguisher at the head of a police officer, who later did die of other causes.


Texas Governor Abbott is renowned for quick action. Video shows him wondering why Biden was taking so long to respond to his appeals for assistance in this once-in-a-hundred years emergency. Many suspect political revenge. Abbott merely encouraged Texans to be strong, as they are famous for being, while explaining the large range of emergency actions being taken. The guilt for insufficient preparedness lies with the Texas grid company, ERCOT.


Senator Ted Cruz (whom I admire for courage, truthfulness, and intelligence) took his two daughters south for a long-planned vacation - and promptly returned home to Texas. He's a good Dad.


As for your libel of Rush Limbaugh, who died last week: "...if the truly malign state of political affairs in the country could be laid at the feet of any one person, it would be Limbaugh." You say he is guilty of routine comments which were "...rude, cruel, racist, misogynistic, homophobic, conspiratorial, and undemocratic, things that [others] were too afraid or "civilized" to say." It must be exasperating to run out of nasty adjectives in the middle of a tirade, so long before you run out of never-Trump hatred. Rush got the central issue in American politics today right, as you recall, “Democrats were enemies of the state and were '"not entitled to govern.'"

The outrage of the 2020 fraudulent election steal (scientifically, indisputably proven by numerous means - and now admission!) affirms the validity of this last condemnation.

I first heard Rush on radio in Seattle, in the late 1980s. Given the fanatical liberal bias in that city, I wondered how long it would be before the enemies of free speech shut him down. He was a singularly positive phenomenon! He gave hope to a dying conservative populace, and 32-years later he finished the race, accomplishing a true miracle of political enlightenment.

Eternal rest grant unto him, Oh Lord, for he was a genuinely good man.