The flu bug has taken its toll at the Gazette. So, amongst much sniffling and coughing, Realities will be cut short this week.

The Katzenjammers are chortling around the water cooler today, celebrating the fact that they finally cobbled together a preliminary budget. Even though it’s 192 pages long, the citizens of Fillmore had one whole day to read it. Sounds like Congress. Now it’s time for them to divulge the total cost of having Mr. Wooner and Pennell fill-in for Barbara Smith. Roy Payne believes Pennell, alone, will have been paid $116,000 for less than 6 months work if his contract is extended 200 hours.

It appears that Jamey Brooks has fallen on his budget-cutting sword. And, a biscuit for Mr. Sipes for sucking-up to the council majority with praise from the dais for the on-line budget. Are you going for that Deputy City Clerk job, Brian?
Oh, glorious day!