An answer to Mary Scoles' letter.

Hello again Mary,
As I read through the first half of your letter I was haunted by the feeling that I had heard the words before. Then you refreshed my memory, always appreciated these days. You were reciting, what should be recognized as the most famous words in American history, Lincoln's Gettysburg address at the (now) Arlington National Cemetery.

Many in the audience that day (especially the press) were disappointed with Lincoln's short address - three minutes - while admiring the two-hour speech by 40-year career professor, diplomat, and statesman, Edward Everette at that same time. Lincoln's speech was composed of only 10 sentences and 272 words. Of course Lincoln is an acknowledged genius. No other politician, or president, since his time can approach his greatness, so attempts at comparison are futile.

Your attempt to do so, therefore, is futile. I fully admit that the statement made by Trump concerning Senator John McCain not being a "war hero" was the worst of several disparaging remarks he has made in the heat of political battle. Trump and McCain hated each other, so lethal sparks often flew.

As for (former Trump chief of staff) Gen. John Kelly's alleged Trump comment while on a visit to the grave of Kelly's son, killed in Afghanistan in 2010, it is so incomprehensibly scurrilous I have to believe it is a lie. Condensed grief can create a lie, even in a hero like Kelly. Several of Trump's former advisors and Cabinet members bear white-hot hostility for the President. That they would turn on their former Commander in Chief speaks of political instability. Lt. Colonel Alexander Vindman, former NSC aide and impeachment witness, is another impassioned turncoat who savored betrayal. You will not find this sort of villainy in America's past, except for traitors such as Benedict Arnold (erstwhile war hero). True heroes, all.

McCain stands as a singular American military hero, and I greatly admire him for that. Among many heroic American military men captured, tortured, and held under inhumane conditions in Vietnam for years, he endured. Within this list of heroes are Everett Alvarez Jr. USN pilot, "the first American airman shot down over North Vietnam and the second longest held prisoner of war in American history," and Floyd Thompson, USA Special Forces, POW for nearly nine years, and the longest held prisoner of war in American history.

So John McCain was in good company. To search the list of our Vietnam POWs is to be proud and thankful. Those were McCain's most distinguished military years. He returned as a Republican politician, espousing left-leaning ideas. For example, He supported LGBT rights, and gun regulations. McCain's refusal to support Trump's presidency sparked true rancor between them. McCain's rejection of Trump was never forgiven, nor regretted by McCain. They hated each other. As a military man I admired McCain. As a showboating Republican Senator (a RINO) I hated his guts.

Mary, like most liberals, you immediately assume every slander against Trump is truthful, even in the face of the strongest refutation by eye witnesses. The WW1 Belleau Wood trip cancellation is a good example: he didn't go because "He was worried that the wind and rain would ruin his hair."This absurd statement was a fruitless attempt to embarrass the President. This should be ignored as food only for the clucking credulous.

Also, much is always made of comments intended by the President to be humorous or hyperbolic. After all, he is the leader of his party and head cheerleader for democracy and free enterprise. He struggles to advance the security, health, and economic energy of our nation, against the army of lugubrious Democrats.

Bottom line: I dislike in the extreme a few of the President's comments, but understand he is a businessman not a politician, and someone who has suffered 4 years of scathing Leftist defamation - personally, politically, and against his family members. Had Andrew Jackson been in his place the House and Senate would have been busy recovering the bodies. So, I can't fault him for "punching back."

Likewise, I forgive his exaggerations, counter-fire, and occasional ineptitude, while I admire his courage, honesty, and persistence in the pursuit of Truth, Justice, and the American Way. (Plagiarism intended).