Running late again but must quickly respond to Kelly Scoles' letter first.

Kelly, after so many years writing this column I find it most aggravating having to respond to questions and statements the answers to which are patently obvious. It's not the complicated issues that bother me - it's the simple ones with clearly common-sense answers which keep presenting themselves as problematic. Fake issues presented as serious questions.
I not only watched the entire Kavanaugh hearing, but to refresh my memory of Kamala Harris and her witchery I replay portions of the video from time to time.

To the average reasonable person, using traditional Judeo-Christian ethics and common sense, Kamala Harris' questioning of D.C. Circuit Court Judge Kavanaugh was an example of clearly disgusting stagecraft, a spectacle designed for self-aggrandizement. The whole point of her questioning was to falsely impute to Kavanaugh outrageous defamatory allegations of sexual crimes; this all staged on the floor of our United States Senate! This was a conspiracy to destroy the life and legacy of a most revered judge, known for living an exemplary Christian life, with wife, children, and professional associates. A perfect target for Democrats.

You claim it was "a legitimate issue in the nomination process..." Hogwash! You find my description of Harris to be "vile"? Which is to say morally bad. It is indeed rough, but a true characterization of Harris, as a person and as a politician. There can be no excuse for her abominable treatment of Judge Kavanaugh, and the same goes for the entire Democratic side of the Senate Judiciary Committee, which left an indelible stain of judicial injustice in that governmental body. It remains unforgettable - and unforgiveable.

I realize that many Americans today live in a so-called "woke" cocoon, impervious to clear thinking. Let's not forget, however, that the allegations pushed by this Star Chamber alleged against Kavanaugh were entirely specious, utterly false, and the presumption of innocence seemed forgotten. To make matters worse here, these false allegations were concocted entirely for political purposes - something anathema to our Constitution.

Right-thinking American citizens should always remember this case as a prime example of corrupt judicial process - and the political party that perpetrated this travesty.

Kelly, you say, in defense of Harris, "Even if she were making a comment about his past sexual behavior, that would not make her a "political slut,".... His "past sexual behavior"? What behavior are you referring to? Have you concluded with his guilt? He is not a rapist or abuser of women, as pathetically false accusations surfaced from the likes of weird and incredible female ghosts of high school past. Kavanaugh would certainly have won treble damages in a lawsuit for defamation per se. That, however, would have been just too inappropriate under the circumstances.

So, despite the destruction done to his reputation by Democratic political pimps, and their political slut, Kavanaugh was seated on our Supreme Court as its newest Justice. God bless and prosper him.

By the way, Justice Kavanaugh is also a devout Catholic. Harris is known to be devoutly anti-Catholic. We will soon learn much more about Kamala Harris and her political proclivities.

Sorry, Kelly, I got carried away. Absentee ballots are fine if they are requested. Mass mailings are an invitation to fraudulent voting, they are bad. The postal service has frozen all reorganization plans until after the election.

Be well.