I must sadly report the passing of a great lady, Florine Data. Florine had just celebrated her 103rd birthday and will be greatly missed. Obituary next week.


Nearly all European schools are now reopening. This due to several very large surveys on the health of children during this pandemic. We need to do the same thing for the sake of our children's health - physical and psychological. School districts that keep the kids locked out may cause serious educational and psychological damage.
Time to open our schools again!


This is a watershed time for America; a time of maximum danger from many directions.

This sort of alarm has become almost routine at election time today; like hearing the cry of "wolf!" too often, too many false alarms relaxes normal defense awareness.

These dangers to our nation have become so numerous and interconnected they have lulled us into thinking of this condition as just a normal, confused, and disordered time. But the times are neither normal nor disordered.

John M. Ellis explains in his new book The Breakdown of Higher Education, How it Happened, the Damage it Does, & What Can Be Done" why everything has changed in our universities through "a deliberate pattern of political hiring" since 1969. This produced the radical hierarchy of professors, who in turn produce radical students, who then help produce the mobs now burning down America's neighborhoods.

This is the status quo in higher education, according to accurate studies. This is not a normal condition, and certainly not "disordered''; it is tightly ordered as Ellis' book details. This is an order connecting radicals, as by the year 2000 "...they were hellbent on hiring fellow radicals."

Mr. Ellis, "Distinguished Professor Emeritus of German Literature at University of California, Santa Cruz", shows "The deceitfulness that is inevitable in the use of academia by political radicals to advance their agenda eventually draws almost everyone else on the campuses into it [radical activity]."

With little more than 100 words left to me, I have to condense, extremely.

Again, the "ordered" (not disordered) connection: Radical academia is thus connected to radical politics, which is connected to (and promoted by) radical leftist media, all of which financially support anarchists such as Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and by billionaire anarchists like George Soros, and multiple liberal nonprofit organizations. For example, BLM is reported to have received approximately $400 million from the above.

Academia supplies the anarchist leaders, political science departments, and law schools in particular which ignited the spark that has kept America burning for months now.

Now, with America entirely distracted by political chaos, we should remember her enemies are an integral part of the destruction plan. China poisoned us, and the rest of the world, infecting every part of our lives--religious, political, financial, medical, social, commercial, etc. The plan to bring America down started in academia and merges into China and other lethal enemies.

So, don't blame Trump who is working to restore normalcy, as he did for nearly four years.