Just a few observations first:

DRUDGE: "Protective gear for medical workers begins to run low again..." Did we just stop manufacturing masks in the middle of the pandemic?

DRUDGE: "Can United States pull itself together?" Answer: Not as long as the Democratic Party continues to tear us apart.

DRUDGE: [photo] A "couple recorded defacing a Black Lives Matter mural that was painted in front of a California courthouse has been charged with three misdemeanors, including a hate crime, prosecutors today announced.” This is an OUTRAGEOUS miscarriage of justice! The prosecutors themselves should be arrested for violating this couple's constitutional rights.

The so-called "mural" is an enormous BLM slogan painted on the surface of a public street. Since when can a political organization use public street surfaces to paint their slogans? That in itself is a crime of vandalism - unless state lawmakers have now been bought-off by the hate-filled anarchists of Black Lives Mater and Antifa, through the auspices of billionaire George Soros. Do BLM and Antifa now own our surface streets? It appears so. This couple should, instead, be commended for volunteering to keep their city streets free of graffiti.

BLM is a racist, Marxist hate group, supported by the Democratic Party and a slew of giant corporations and liberal non-profit foundations. In particular, BLM (and Antifa) seek to destroy traditional American culture ("We [BLM] disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure...".) Check out their website "About" page to see how this group hates America and its foundational morals and history. To charge anyone with a "hate crime" for seeking to halt BLM's own aggressive hate program, is alarmingly unconstitutional.

Has the California City of Martinez adopted BLM as a government agency? Can the Republican Party also paint huge slogans on its streets? How about the National Rifle Association? Who's going to clean up and pay for the mess? Why not save some street space for slogans like "Support your Local Police!"?

Hate cops? Hate white people? Hate America? Hate our Constitution? Visit the City of Martinez where you can wallow in the culture of Black Lives Matter.