I think most Americans still don't believe America is at war with itself; a new civil war instigated by far-left Democrats in league with the media, huge banks, Antifa, and other corporate giants. It's all Marxist oriented designed to change our free market culture into a socialist system.

Antifa and Black Lives Matter (BLM) are subsidized with hundreds of millions of dollars by socialists like George Soros, who has already contributed $33 million to BLM. The Ford Foundation, Borealis philanthropy, and Act Blue (Democratic fund-raising organization) are raising more millions to activate these anarchist organizations

The radically socialist Catholic clergy (Bishop Wilton Gregory et al.) also strongly urge support for these anti-Catholic revolutionary groups, even though they promote abortion and homosexuality, anathema in the Church. "ROME — Exiled Chinese dissident Guo Wengui alleged this weekend the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) “allocates $2 billion a year” to pay off the Vatican for its silence concerning Chinese atrocities. Guo has previously stated that China has drafted a complete strategy for world domination known by the initials “BGY,” which stands for Blue (control the Internet), Gold (buy influence with money), and Yellow (seduce key people with sex)."

This revelation should alert everyone to the present moral depravity of the Francis papacy and its nefarious political skullduggery, i.e. BLM.

CNN [curiously] asks: "What does Black Lives Matter want? Not sure? How about this. Can you cite a moment in which a BLM leader passionately and eloquently denounced the recent shooting deaths of eight police officers in Dallas and Baton Rouge? Can you name one or two leaders from the movement?"

That's easy to answer. BLM wants what communism has always wanted: control over, and destruction of Western democracy, through riotous chaos. How better to do that than to advance cowardly leadership and the abolition of police forces? Stampede the sheep - "Cry 'Havoc!, 'and let slip the dogs of war." Remember the passion of the BLM arsonists and stone throwers. George Zimmerman was acquitted by a jury of his peers, but the BLM rioters are so high on chaos and terror that the outrageous murder of George Floyd is now almost an afterthought. Mayhem is a contagion more deadly than a virus and BLM is completely infected with it. The only cure for the BLM virus is extreme lockdown - behind bars. The only way this can work is through true LEADERSHIP, of an Andrew Jackson type.

The emotional powers of the radical liberal Left have coalesced and feed a true whirlwind of historical world instability. This sweeps-in governments, religion, economies, and education. Communism wants to dominate, religious morals have withered in a decadent (Catholic & Protestant) hierarchy, the value of money is uncertain, and western educational values are no longer passed-on to new generations.

Black Lives Matter is just another festering abscess on the American body politic. We have to excise it to remain healthy, and pray for the resurrection of American Constitutional values, which are being drowned in a sea of ignorance and hate.