Enough! I've had enough of rioting radical leftist Democrats . I would, however, pause to thank them for identifying themselves for the rest of us, - the law-abiding, God-fearing, proud Americans. Because it's vitally important to know one's enemy.

Since the 1992 LA (Rodney King) riots, down through the Oakland, Anaheim, Ferguson, Baltimore, (Ferguson anniversary), Milwaukee, Charlotte, George Floyd, and most recently, Rayshard Brooks, riots, rioting seems to have become a perpetual phenomena. The death on one citizen can never justify the deaths of hundreds or thousands, and the destruction of billions of dollars of personal property (belonging to innocent citizens). Our Constitution is designed to avoid this sort of chaos.

What surprises me is the extent to which the Marxist Saul Alinsky true believers have taken over the offices of this nation's governorships, mayoralties, city councils, even (minority) chiefs of police. This is a raw betrayal of the trust placed in them by their constituencies. I have to ask how this has happened in a nation still composed mostly of patriotic citizens.

This shift from the normal American attitude of, let's say, the 1950s, to the seditious leadership of today, surged into American political and religious thinking after 1960, from the poisonous spawn of Karl Marx, about 150-years ago. The anarchists burning down America today are avid followers of the late Marxist Saul Alinsky, following Alinsky's infamous Rules for Radicals. Members of Antifa and Black Lives Matter are adherents to these seditious rules. Being Marxist-oriented, both groups depend upon lies for their existence. Antifa is defined as "a person or group actively opposing fascism" which is itself a lie on stilts. Antifa is a primary cause of devastating riots - and the defamation of our police agencies. Both groups instigate hate, conflict, and chaos. One Alinsky rule: "Ridicule is man's most potent weapon." They use this daily against Trump.

Only strong leadership will end this current insurrection; but this is nowhere to be found within the Democratic Party, which is full of anarchistic sympathizers and milquetoast leadership, like Mayor Bill de Blasio.

If you are a conservative person today, clinging to strong political and religious tradition, you might wonder how we got to this troubled place. It didn't happen suddenly, it happened by listening to leftist propaganda, and ignoring common sense warnings. Americans are naive, and naiveté is a deadly thing. It happened in the schools and in weak church catechesis. Progressivist America is playing God. Our science has abandoned traditional moral values. Human life is trifled with: "Human gene editing is a taboo topic - the birth of two genetically modified babies in 2018 proved incredibly controversial, and editing embryos beyond experimentation is not allowed in the U.S. The scientists in London conducted short-term research on a set of 25 donated embryos." We're speaking (traditionally) here of "editing" 25 eternal human souls.

So, tens of thousands of rioters seek revenge for their cause, by killing other, innocent, people and destroying livelihoods. Our nation was created by and for a religious people who love liberty, based upon their Constitution, with its Bill of Rights. We've heard and seen enough of leftist demagoguery and communist terror. It's time to stand up and fight for the restoration of law and order in America, and to defeat those who won't. This cannot be done without strong, unwavering support for law enforcement. So - let's roll!