After all these weeks of being restricted in the production of the paper it was very refreshing to find a group of kids having a small bike race on that beautiful late Memorial Day afternoon. The monotony was finally getting to me with a touch of depression and a bit of anger, especially remembering that this entire plague was inflicted upon an unsuspecting world by communist China.

I prefer to believe this was a deliberate, diabolical act by self-proclaimed President for Life Xi Jinping and his cast of thousands. I believe it was precipitated by fears of a declining Chinese economy vis-à-vis with the extraordinary success of the American economy sparked by President Trump's leadership. China's admitted goal is to replace America as the global superpower by 2049. China saw America's vibrant economic success as the perfect time to inflict chaos and bring it down - to catch us off guard.

China has begun causing trouble in several areas around the world again, using the general confusion brought on by its Coronavirus - the perfect "shi" moment. While Taiwan is the perennial victim of Chinese threats, India is another, as are many African nations.

It's time for the free nations of the world to sever as many economic ties as possible with China. America should lead the way by encouraging American companies that have manufacturing facilities in China to come back home, especially those creating essential goods and services. China must pay a heavy price for this outrageous viral attack by being cut-off from its American markets, particularly in pharmaceuticals.


Like all small local businesses, the Gazette has been hurt by the lockdown. Next week I will make a proposal to assist all local businesses in a quicker recovery. Until that time stay healthy and get a little sunshine.