It's great to see things finally opening up. American citizens have been subjected to unprecedented restrictions upon their everyday activities, business, school, religion, etc. These activities are actually fundamental civil rights guaranteed by our Constitution. The way most of us have accepted government injunctions concerning our most fundamental rights (First and Fourth Amendments) has been unusually cooperative. We are also seeing who the truly power-hungry governors are, as in California. Many have now overreached their original mandate and it's time for them to get out of the way.

But we should never forget who caused the orderly functions of the world to suddenly crash with unparalleled suffering, death, and disorder, by a weaponized coronavirus. The devil in this mix is communist China - in particular - the head communist leader, President for Life, Xi Jinping. In short, he produced a true "novel" virus of an extremely infectious power. This new thing got out of control at his Wuhan Institute of Virology, causing the pandemic.

Wuhan itself was quickly locked down with no air traffic permitted from there to any other Chinese location. However, all international traffic was permitted to all points outside China from Wuhan, deliberately spreading the deadly virus throughout the world, particularly throughout Europe and North America. China denies any responsibility for the attack, which under "normal" circumstances would be recognized as an act of war. The pandemic has caused over 320,000 deaths and is still causing deaths and disabilities. It has disabled thousands of US military troops as well as effectively disabling hundreds of war ships, planes, munitions, and facilities.

This attack demands that the US government declare China to be a clear and present danger to the security of our country. Foolish liberal policies have for decades enticed China to steal and cheat their way to superpower status while feigning military weakness and industrial inferiority.

America has fed the beast until the beast now wants to dominate, overtly. Why did we believe all those old Soviet-styled lies about peaceful coexistence? In China it is the theory of shi, letting China get away with murder by ignoring the deceptive early steps. Chinese military developments in the South China Sea and new threats to Taiwan are outstanding examples of American naiveté and timidity in dealing with communist China.

We should arm Taiwan to such an extent that the communist Chinese would recognize the only victory they would have in attacking that independent island nation would be a Pyrrhic victory. That is, the cost would not be worth the investment. This could be done with strong US support, and it would help secure the South China Sea. However it might be done, China must be staunchly resisted, even to the point of active conflict.

The COVID-19 outbreak has scrambled the established world order by something close to outright war. Like Hitler in the 1930s, Xi Jinping, and the National People's Congress, must be hammered by the US and her allies as soon as possible, because history has shown us the consequences of doing nothing. I would have said immediately, but, as usual, America is unprepared to act immediately due to our failure to understand China as the immediate enemy instead of a mere commercial competitor. It has, in the words of author Michael Pillsbury, striven to be the global superpower in the "The Hundred-Year Marathon" to defeat the USA. Fools like Joe Biden don't believe this, but he's just running to become America's Democratic Party Commander in Chief.

In 1999, a book published in Mandarin entitled "Unrestricted Warfare" should have awakened US military leaders but didn't. The book, a bestseller in Chinese military circles, "...for the bluntness with which it discussed America's vulnerabilities. Instead of direct military action, the [military] authors proposed nonmilitary ways to defeat a stronger nation such as the United States through ... economic warfare, biological and chemical warfare, cyberattacks, and even terrorism. Once news of the study made its way to the West, Beijing quickly withdrew all copies from its bookstores." (The Hundred-Year Marathon).

What Mr. Pillsbury describes here is exactly what China has succeeded in doing. Xi Jinping wears that lean and hungry look today. He smiles as he knows the whole world, suffering and disoriented by his biological attack, can do little or nothing to defend or retaliate against his bold action. Even if we could definitively prove Xi Jinping is the proximate cause of this disastrous assault and establish his malevolent intent beyond any doubt before a televised world court, the world is impotent to defend or retaliate without causing further disasters.

So, communist China now threatens the rest of the world, America in particular, with unparalleled death and destruction, and in its eyes, remains unchallenged. China has the world in its grip. It has seized the opportunity - "shi" in Mandarin - and awaits the world's response.

"The United States had an offensive biological weapons program from 1943 until 1969. Today, the nation is a member of the Biological Weapons Convention and has renounced biological warfare." The statement [by President Nixon] ended, unconditionally, all U.S. offensive biological weapons programs. ... U.S. biological weapons stocks were destroyed over the next few years."

Yes, from a Judeo-Christian point of view, chemical-biological weapons are anathema. But to be without a credible defense against active communist chemical-biological threats, such as China, et al, present, is close to gruesome suicide. We should have them (again) and keep them very safe, but also very visible to our enemies. President Nixon was dead wrong in destroying our chemical-biological weapons and signing a meaningless treaty, just as he would have been to do the same with nuclear weapons.

We've been dusted with a deadly Chinese virus. It has already killed more than 92,000 US citizens. The coronavirus is just one of a huge family of other killers--remember Anthrax? We've been knocked off balance. We must shake it off and return to normalcy. At the same time, this incident should be a call to arms. Preparations against other Chinese bioweapons must begin as well as military and economic pressure against China.

Sorry I've gone so long.