With so much bad news in store for America, I have to give a shout-out to our new White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany. She is absolutely brilliant. Having watched many other press secretaries over the years, she is, hands down, the best I've seen. Great choice President Trump!


A funny thing happened on my way to my computer last night. I started reading a book I bought a few years ago after watching a TV interview of its author, Michael Pillsbury, entitled The Hundred-Year Marathon, China's Strategy to Replace America As the Global Superpower. It is an essential book for every American if you want to know why China has just poisoned the world, and what to expect in the near future.

What is the communist Chinese government up to? According to Pillsbury (director of Center on Chinese Strategy at Hudson Institute, served administrations - Nixon to Obama, educated Stanford and Columbia, former analyst RAND Corporation, Harvard research fellow, served Defense Dept., and staff - four Senate committees) China wants world domination through the destruction of America by economic and military means. This is a book for every reader.

"Key to attaining that goal is china's concept of shi. Beijing applies the concept in almost every aspect of its relations with the United States, and just as Tom Sawyer's friends had no idea that Tom was manipulating them into painting his fence, America's policymakers have no idea they are being used." Pillsbury speaks fluent mandarin. Surprisingly, "...the vast majority of so-called China experts in the United States do not speak Chinese beyond a few words - enough to feign competence in the presence of those who do not speak the language fluently."

"Never lose sight of shi. ...two elements of shi are critical components of Chinese strategy: deceiving others into doing your bidding for you and waiting for the point of maximum opportunity to strike." Following President Trump's stunning economic triumph, the rebuilding of the US military, the forcing of the communist Chinese government into fair commercial market deals after years of Chinese cheating, the timing for a world-wide biological attack, was absolutely perfect according to the concept of shi. "When the sage [Xi Jinping] detects the arrival of the moment of shi, decisive action must be immediate." China's main enemy (by its own admission), America, was seriously damaged and disrupted by the virus attack. China feigned cooperation with Trump's corrective political, commercial, and military moves, then struck because it was "the point of maximum opportunity to strike." The destruction caused to the rest of the world, in communist thinking, was simply collateral damage. In an atheist communist system people are just fungible things. The United States was the main target. "It is exactly the lack of recognition of the potential exploitation of shi that is dooming American strategy toward China." Pillsbury's book was written in 2015.

Think of what China has done to the United States. At the present time: "The latest Defense Department data show that 2,120 men and women in uniform have tested positive for the COVID-19 virus. The hardest hit service is the U.S. Navy, followed closely by the Army, Air Force, and finally the Marine Corps".

"Washington (CNN)--There are currently coronavirus cases on 26 US Navy warships, and another 14 have been hit by the virus... "

Every US military asset in the world, and those of our allies, has been seriously damaged by this virus attack. According to shi, America should expect another stealthy follow-up, soon. China denies everything; it continues to deny the US access to the Wuhan virus factory and any records concerning the pandemic it created. Massive disinformation continues from China's communist minions, denying guilt for the virus attack. According to shi, another stealthy attack, of a different kind, from a different direction, would maximize the intended effect.

It's time to counter the communist Chinese military buildup in the South China Sea, with more air and naval assets and maximum military assistance to Taiwan.