I hope everyone is getting along better than I am with all this sequestering for the corona virus. I have to say I'm fed-up with it all. I know science is making progress towards finding a solution to this Chinese virus, and that many courageous medical workers risk their own health to save lives, but after being holed-up like a groundhog for 5 weeks hiding from the bug, I have to look closely at the rapid collapse of our economy due to the shutdown.

We are losing our capitalist society and culture of freedom, while the do-nothing Democratic Party socialists try to persuade Americans to abandon almost two and a half centuries of our republic's system of capitalism. President Trump is challenged by the most serious threats to our nation since our Civil War, while Democrats have persisted in a treasonous 3-year attempt to destroy his presidency. Unless Republicans quickly circle the wagons, they may yet succeed.

During the attack on Pearl Harbor the civilian radio and onboard naval ships repeatedly sounded the alarm; "AIR RAID ON PEARL HARBOR. THIS IS NO DRILL." --Telegram from Commander in Chief of the Pacific Fleet (CINCPAC) to all ships in Hawaiian area, December 7, 1941.

The communist Chinese government has launched a catastrophic viral plague upon the world. American intelligence agencies have reported that the specific source of this attack came from the Wuhan Institute of Virology. This is where the Chinese, like the Russians and others, design deadly pathogens in preparation for germ warfare.

Forget about all the nice treaties and UN prohibitions outlawing germ and chemical warfare, they have never meant anything to communist nations. This is because communist nations are atheist and have no Judeo-Christian guidelines to moderate their behavior. America is dangerously naive and foolish to believe otherwise. We only have to learn about life in communist countries, like north Korea and China (Russia is basically still communist as well) to see the obvious absence of freedom. These countries exist only to dominate, to grow their hegemony - like Russia took over Crimea and China took Tibet - and seeks the entire South China Sea.

So, since America is asleep, let me shout, This is no drill! The evidence of Chinese guilt or liability for inflicting death and social destruction upon nearly 200 sovereign nations is now certain. Getting a fair hearing is another thing.

After spending just a few hours researching the damage caused by the coronavirus pandemic the above conclusions are obvious. The damage just to American national security is grave. No part of the American military has been left untouched by the virus attack, including some submarines. This damage has been greatly understated by our military, partly for security reasons. Even Cheyenne Mountain Combat Operations Center in Colorado is being buttoned-up again due to the virus attack. "In 1997, they were giving 800 tours a year. However, the tours were canceled after 9/11". We forget our enemies too easily.

China is now putting on a frantic full-court press (online, radio, TV, etc) of disinformation in defense against accusations of responsibility for the catastrophic virus release. Biological warfare is the perfect weapon for unconscionable communist nations. Just ask, what now? China denies culpability. America is successfully attacked. China learns much about the utility of this agent. What if it happens again? What military actions has China taken, during this attack, in the South China Sea? China will overtake the US in new naval warfare vessels in a few years.

China is arming for war - a war seeking Asian hegemony and world economic domination. America is her main enemy. How should America respond to this virus attack? At least start with our substantial financial weapons, reverse the debt bomb. Like it or not we are at war with China, and China has fired the first quick, quiet, devastating "shot", to great effect.

Once again - THIS IS NO DRILL!