I'm sure I'm not alone in my impatience over hunkering down for the corona virus. Our lives are being totally disrupted. My church has shut its doors and my daily schedule is completely changed. Just shopping for food or walking outside are problematic. The good things are illusive while bad things, overall, seem everywhere. And, worst thing among many bad things is communist China, which has single-handedly poisoned the entire world by loosing this coronavirus, either from its covert biological weapons program in Wahon, or its notorious "wet market" of wild animals. Bats are a popular item in the market, although most epidemics have been caused by bats.

Communist China has caused this world-wide epidemic, again. It is playing with deadly bio warfare, searching, as Russia does, for the perfect disabling disease with which to level rival nations. Our entire nation is at risk, and America has abandoned this sort of research in the naive belief that communist countries will eventually become civilized.

The cost of this particular epidemic, across the world can never be paid. America has to eliminate China as any sort of equal trading partner; it seeks only to increase its hegemony as the world's most powerful nation, first by trade, then by force.
China is an atheist behemoth which we must never trust; which is also true of all communist nations.

China hates democracy - period.