I have to say that I’ve done a little researching on the state of our so-called COVID-19 virus, which I just call “the virus”. I did that yesterday so I can’t use my now threadbare excuse of having too little time to write this column.

China lied, thousands died, and the world was quickly infected - because she gave the virus a deadly 6-week head start. President Trump, despite the usual “lying, dog-faced pony soldier” fake news media commentaries, took quick, effectual action (against liberal resistance) to shut down traffic from China. His bold decision saved thousands of lives, according to medical authorities.

Personally, I don’t much mind the hide-in-place circumstances we now live under. I have plenty of company with my library. And, my usual routine has been considerably relaxed. But what I see in town, and throughout the nation, is disturbing. Especially on the east coast panic is triumphing.

Panic is always the enemy. Many situations should cause reasonable fear and anxiety; these are friends to warn us. But panic causes unreasonable responses and regrettable consequences. (Source: Dr. Farrell’s think and do book). Anyway, it’s worth remembering, because too many Americans are in the grip of panic, finding themselves doing, as the comic once declared, “Wild and crazy things”. This is not good.

Viruses are tiny little things with nasty little feet, and they are not really alive. They can’t survive on their own, they always need a host to grow. Although ancestors of the present virus have been around for a very long time, this one is said to be 5-times more infectious than the flu. It spreads its seeds more easily and it survives longer than others on surfaces, including clothing. They can also make you a host for a week or longer before you know they’re there, like uninvited house guests.

If they’re not really alive, and are so light that they enjoy lofting in the air for hours searching for hosts, I wish we could just shake them off, like a dog judders his coat after a swim. But we can’t. We just have to find ways of avoiding them. So we’re doing the right thing.

Our scientists are working feverishly to find a vaccine to kick the freeloaders out and bring relief to those infected. Enormous loads of ventilators (sophisticated machines which aid breathing) and respirators (protective face masks) are being delivered to overwhelmed and unprepared hospitals and clinics throughout the nation. This monumental rescue effort is being ordered by President Trump, who is also pushing a 2-trillion financial grant to persons and businesses being challenged by near depression threats.

I noticed today Ventura County’s report of confirmed COVID-19 virus cases. Eleven cities have so far reported positive, including Santa Paula, with 2 cases.

So, there is almost frenetic activity taking place now to stem the flow of the virus and heal those stricken by this vicious thing.

The President is faced with an incredibly difficult dilemma - to continue the shutdown of the nation’s business activity, which is causing a real threat of recession (or depression), or comply with best medical directives to save lives. It’s a hotly debated issue. We can’t keep the nation’s business closed much longer without disastrous economic consequences.

What to do? That is the question. Why not try humble prayer?