Well, I've promised to complete this column in a half-hour, so I'm just going to skim over some issues of general importance.

In the 31-years I've published this column I've witnessed many flu, virus, and biological events. None has received the attention of this coronavirus pandemic. Like the swine flu and others, it is a gift from China.

The City of Fillmore is complying with national, state, county, and city demands to have residents isolate themselves and for businesses to close until further notice.

The great American production machine is closing down as never before. The world is doing the same. It's taken me awhile to grasp the reality of the threat, but I now understand that it is very real and amongst us.

Fillmore has apparently joined in the panic seen on TV in much of our country, with empty shelving in grocery stores, pharmacies and other places supplying food and emergency supplies. Water, toilet paper, anti-virus sprays and wipes have been hit especially hard.

We should all calm down and dig in. These products will continue to be available through this epidemic. Just stop hoarding this stuff. Stop the panic; everyone will be taken care of - if we stop hoarding!

"The coronavirus raging around the globe has tended to tread gently with children, who account for the smallest percentage of the infections identified so far. Now, the largest study to date of children and the virus has found that while most develop mild or moderate symptoms, a small percentage — especially babies and preschoolers — can become seriously ill."

I don't have much more to say except that I hope our country has finally learned not to trust our enemies, like China. China is a stringent communist country, permitting no freedom to its captive residents. It is not merely a competitor - it is an enemy nation.

Recently, China has had the audacity to threaten America by withholding essential medicinal raw materials and drug components, as well as medical equipment, unless we comply with its demands. This, of course, is blackmail.

America must call back the medical-related industrial companies we so naively sent over to China to sell product back to the US for a cheaper price. US companies sold-out their own country for enormous short-term profits. They gave away their trade secrets, patents, and souls. Now we no longer have control over these essential industries and materials. We must go begging the enemies we lifted from utter poverty to help us.

Now we have been awakened to this fact. Now we must reinstall these industries back home - as immediately as possible. President Trump is well aware of this situation - I am confident he will act quickly - without time-wasting nonsense - as he usually does.

Let's pull together, pray together, and beat this virus down.

And, let's see more MADE IN AMERICA stamps on products!