The Gazette was unable to report on actions taken by the FUSD Board this week due to a lack of information.

The paper received the School Board meeting highlights citing four particular areas of discussion, but without textual reporting. For example, a detailed Power Point presentation was provided on the "Network Infrastructure Update" for the entire school district, students, teachers, and administration. However it was unaccompanied by any textual explanation which the paper could publish.

The entire presentation involved complex technical wireless connections with information on the significant increase in speed and power. The Gazette is unable, as most parents are, of retaining and understanding this information without an explanation in print. The "Highlights" does provide a link "for more information", however this brings the user to the same Power Point watched by those attending the Board meeting. This leaves most people who are interested in understanding the whole activity, in the dark about the function and significant costs involved.

In this case, mere verbal explanations, which disappear immediately after the presentation, are useless to 90 percent of interested persons. It appears that someone is too lazy to produce a textual presentation of this important, and expensive, undertaking. A written report should be demanded.


Chris Matthews has quit his Hardball slot on MSNBC. Good riddance! I grew tired of his political invective and false accusations years ago, but it only grew worse during the Trump administration. The word is that he was pushed out. I am not disappointed.


It looks like Biden is in for the Democrats, and Comrade Bernie is out. Yippee. Now Bloomberg can, once again, bestow his wealth, as promised, upon Biden. The coming Democratic convention may surpass the Ringling Brothers' Greatest Show on Earth for excitement. I can hardly wait.


I hope the federal government begins to take the exposed criminal behavior of all Democratic office holders, and former office holders, seriously, like they have for so many Republican politicians. I no longer believe in federal criminal justice because it no longer (to date) abides by the Constitution and its laws. We have witnessed the greatest, most treasonous activity undertaken by the highest appointed and elected officials in American history; an effort to overthrow a duly elected president. Beginning with our FBI, CIA, NSA, and DIA, a legal search and destroy mission must begin to prosecute guilty members. They are the fleas on the national dog.

Until I see these guilty (by what we already know) members arrested, convicted and jailed, our system of equal justice for all will continue to be a farce.