On such a beautiful day I shouldn't have to talk election politics, but there's a Democratic debate tonight which consumes my thoughts like a swarm of African locusts. With a communist, an autocrat, a fake Indian, a sleepy ex-VP, and an ambitious young man with husband in tow, all seeking to command America's ship of state, what could possibly go wrong?

Is there even a whisper of traditional American virtue or good faith to be heard within this troupe? These are the people who launched scurrilous political attacks during Senate confirmations of now Justices Brett Kavanaugh, Neil Grosuch, and Clarence Thomas. This same mentality prevailed during the 1987 nomination, by President Reagan, of distinguished legal scholar, Judge Robert Bork. This particular Democratic attack on Bork's reputation was so severe it created the adage to be "Borked", meaning a savage, false and unjustified formal rebuke. The Kavanaugh slander was so outrageous it left an indelible mark for me. This is what Dems do.

So, I anticipate an interesting evening at the debates. Michael Bloomberg's last minute billions are sweeping away Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Amy Klobuchar and Pete Buttigieg in their efforts to seek the golden nomination. They are being blown away by Bloomberg who effortlessly farts his billions to attract the Democratic Party's attention, while, once again, leaving poor Bernie in the dust.

This is one debate which may require face masks to survive the invective. The issue of money in this debate will be so dominate, so tight that there won't even be room to shout racist! And without the race charge Democrats can't win a thing.
I expect Bloomberg to coat the Democrat Party organization so completely with his filthy lucre that clean hands will be a thing of the past for at least a generation.