It appears the Democratic Party has hit the wall. None of its many aspirants seem able to reach the brass ring to qualify as candidate to defeat President Trump. They're just too weak to handle the most powerful job in the world.

I thought Bloomberg might have a chance with his $40 billion to play with. But recent revelations of his blatant racist thinking should end it for him.

What do we have left? Sanders is more than a socialist; he's really a neo-communist. He truly believes in the socialist legacy, which is at the heart of communism. He believes the state should run most things. Only a true believer would actually honeymoon in communist Russia in 1988.

I'm not so much worried about Bernie becoming president of the United States. What worries me is the fact that so many young Americans are so sympathetic to socialism. This reflects a serious failure in the American educational system. Either that or a deliberate undermining of our democratic republic. This sympathy towards the false promises of socialism by our young citizens is an historical embarrassment.

Our young citizens should be introduced to "The Black Book of Communism - Crimes Terror Repression. (Harvard College Press, 1999.) Ignorance of communism and its infectious cousin, socialism, in the American educational system, is almost criminal.
Enough about Bernie.

What about Buttigieg? He's a factory produced liberal. He is a 30-something, small city mayor, "married" to a man who pretends to be Buttigieg's "husband". As his “spouse” I try to envision both of them dancing at their inaugural ball, or meeting with Islamic heads of state.

Radical liberal American voters will hate my evaluation of Mayor Pete, but I am just voicing the otherwise muted traditional Judeo-Christian stand against public sexual degeneracy, so popular in Hollywood. Is Pete to become leader of the free world? If so he and his "husband" would also become the fullest examples for our youth.

The public no longer cares about private, personal morality. What it should care about is public conduct influencing our youth. I know it sounds corny today, but the traditional Boy Scout rules should still maintain:

"To do my duty to God and my country and to obey the Scout Law; to help other people at all times; to keep myself physically strong, mentally awake and morally straight."

However, this too is being destroyed in America.