Well I'm told that I have only 40 minutes to come up with something in this column. First it was dog duties, then other tasks to slow me down. Haven't even had time to look at DRUDGE.

First of all HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone! Let's hope and pray that it will be a more peaceful new year. It's already a prosperous one.


Maybe my wish for more peace is naive. I see that Iran-provoked militants have attacked the American embassy in Iraq. More marines are on the way.

I have to fight my feelings about the entire Middle East, actually about fundamental Islam. Since the year 632, the founder's death, Islam has murdered more human beings than anyone else, including Hitler, Stalin, and Chairman Mao. Its mission is to force the entire non-Muslim world into submission. The choice is conversion, slave status, or death.

I guess the only solution is to have all Jihadists eliminated, which means perpetual war. So, like it or not, America must maintain its highly effective military in places where Jihadism is a constant threat to normal civilization. And today it's the Middle East that needs protection for millions of non-Muslim peoples - particularly Christians and Jews. The Christian population in the Middle East has been decimated by the millions. The whole area was once Christian.

Let's hope the New Year finds America strong and united.