I'm really tired of listening to the dramatic rhetoric from Democratic House members bent on impeaching President Trump; I can't wait for the whole farce to be shuttled over to the Senate. The whole thing is like an unending nightmare.

It's hard for me to understand a headline from DRUDGE today: "Dems Ordered Not to Victory Dance [over impeachment vote]. "Dance?" "Victory”? The massive cloud of delusion continues within the ranks of Democratic Party leaders. They really believe that their 3-year conspiracy to remove President Trump from office was a victory; well, I'll grant it was a classic Pyrrhic victory. They can celebrate in the ashes of their fraudulent conspiracy to depose our duly elected president.

The jig is up for the Liberal Left DNC and those who have supported it. After 3-years of relentless, fraudulent attacks against Trump, they have exposed themselves to be utterly corrupt. Any average first year law student should be able to analyze the entire scope of impeachment allegations and find them lacking in sufficient cause. There is no crime, real or alleged! That should be the end of it in a fair and impartial judgment.

The coming Senate trial will proceed to rip the bandage from the impeachment wound. I hope to see a full trial in the Senate. In any event, the damage has been done. This whole 3-year series of investigations has been a fraud on the electorate, a huge waste of time, and has greatly weakened our Constitutional Republic.

If you want to know how our judicial system has become so corrupt just replay the testimony of the three law professor "witnesses" under the Schiff investigation, especially the goofy Stanford prof. with her home-baked theories on the case. Just think, she is responsible for turning out new lawyers with the same perspective.

Because of the outrageous abuse of House-Congressional power in this impeachment, I can see an enormous Trump landslide in November.