Thank you Lord for the rain! How good you are to your undeserving people.


I actually watched several hours of impeachment hearing No. 3. I've seen the enemy, and they belong to the Socialist Democratic Left. Anyway, very boring.

Trump is entering his fourth year as our President and Commander in Chief. The grief he has taken since pre-inauguration days, to date, has been vicious, fraudulent, and incessant. The Democratic Party has shown itself to be a poisonous influence on the Constitutional health of the nation.

Indisputable proof of an unprecedented coup to destroy the president is quickly emerging from several investigations. This criminal plan to remove Trump involves the Democratic Party (including figures from the previous administration), our four most powerful government agencies, the Leftist media, Hollywood, Education, as well as UN, Soros, and the Francis Papacy. The last three are confessed and committed globalists. Check out the Pope's most recent words - he hates America (I always have to remind readers that I'm Catholic myself - this is in no way bigotry).

The never-Trumpers weaponized impeachment from the beginning to take Trump out of office. First it was "collusion" with the Russians. They called him a traitor. After three years of this treatment, the much vaunted Mueller investigation failed completely to find that elusive "high crime or misdemeanor" required by our Constitution. Then false allegations of obstruction of justice, then violations of the emoluments clause, then disclosing classified information, destruction of public records, campaign finance law violations, most recently, bribery and that infamous "quid pro quo" with Ukraine.

Struggle as they will, the anti-Trump forces still can't identify a single crime that Trump is guilty of. But the leftist wish list is long. Let me help them out. Bribery didn't work, neither did obstruction of justice or collusion; how about robbery, kidnapping, homicide, arson or mayhem? People like Schiff, Swalwell, Castro, etc. who love to play in the mud, can at least come up with allegations. Facts are unimportant to them.

The mass of deadly serious Congressional business has been put aside for the past 3-plus years while the would-be impeachers seek to kill-off our President. It seems only fitting that the 2020 electorate should hand President Trump an historic landslide in November.

Then we can get back to the real business of defending against China, North Korea, Russia, Syria, terrorism, our southern border, etc.