I was impressed with Mr. Charles Richardson's presentation at last night's City Council meeting. He is complaining about the poor quality of water that services the El Dorado Mobile Home Park. He also displayed three large water filters, demonstrating that fact. We will publish his prepared remarks and photos of the filters in next week's Gazette.


It's an established fact that Liberals make our country ugly and dangerous. That's what they do.

But just because they do make things ugly and dangerous doesn't mean that they can't make things uglier and more dangerous when they put their minds to that agenda.

Take, for example, the City of San Francisco - please. Evidence of this notorious Liberal effect can almost be detected by we southerners in a strong north wind. Case in point headline: San Francisco's New DA: Public Urination 'Will Not Be Prosecuted' ... What about on the DA's steps? Nothing announced yet about dealing with number two. Dianne Feinstein, Kamala Harris (Senators both) - where are you?

I'll say it again, Liberals are dangerous and their natural inclination is to make things uglier.

Little Adam Schiff was recently described as unflappable. The Los Angeles congressman has been given the responsibility to orchestrate the president's impeachment. I think of Schiff as Senator Lickspittle. There is no shortage of Democratic lickspittles. In my rogues gallery of Democratic lickspittles are Eric Swalwell (always wanting to squeeze his face into the picture), and - sorry, the gallery is too long. Anyway, I lost a subscriber the last time I characterized a Democrat. All I did is describe Hillary Clinton, the most despicable Democrat in history, as the bitch goddess of untruth. What intellectually honest American can challenge the accuracy of that description? Yet it cost me a subscription of a very nice lady with beautiful handwriting.

I get these kinds of thoughts as I watch our Congress disgrace itself with this impeachment debacle, while whittling away at our Constitution. If the quality of most of the Democrats I see and hear is indicative of the state of the electorate, only prayer will save the Republic.