My apologies for the short column this week. Just had a tooth extracted.


I got quite a surprise at last night's school board meeting.

As might be expected, an overflow of teachers and family members seeking to discuss the heated issues of District budget provisions, (i.e., teacher salaries and benefits) filled the Board room.

I usually walk to the front of the room, and stand in a corner beside Board members for photos. This week was different. As I walked towards the usual place my path to the traditional spot was blocked. The man sitting in the chair simply said "NO", indicating that I should not pass. It became a dramatic standoff. I am used to placing myself there during the 31 years that I have covered School Board meetings.

But things could have gone ugly, since the clear intention of this interloper was to keep me from doing my job. It appeared that he had been instructed to do as he did. So, I quickly reminded him that I have been doing my job for 31 years (probably before he was out of diapers).

With a nod from one Board Member he moved his chair.

Victory. I guess the relationship between the Board and the Gazette has deteriorated.

Stay tuned!