The fires in California are turning what were normal days into confusion. Once again, Edison has notified us that we will be losing power tomorrow as they must shut down transmission lines to avoid more sparking due to the extremely high east winds.

We pray for the safety of our firefighters and the residents in fire-prone areas. And, as I type out these words, that east wind is getting stronger.

We hope to be able to send the paper down to the printer before the power is cut off.


Alexander Vindman, an Army Lieutenant Colonel and trusted intelligence officer with authority to listen to President Trumps confidential telephone conversations, is testifying against the President on the Ukraine "quid pro quo" matter. It is his intention to join the mob and assist in attempting to impeach his Commander in Chief.

A 20-year member of the Army, he showed up in his dress blues, with the combat infantryman's badge, paratroop wings, 25th Army Division patch, and other awards I could not read. So he has done his duty for his country.

I can't understand how such an apparently honorable man could stoop to such a dishonorable act, as to stab his commander in the back in an attempt to bring him down. It disgusts me. He is marching to the tune of the lying Liberal Left. In my mind this act makes him no better than a barracks thief.

Whether or not President Trump is eventually impeached by the political hyenas in the House, the Senate will prove the entire Democratic coup attempt an obvious fiasco. Any Republican, Representative or Senator, who joins in this malicious scam, will be marked forever, like Vice President Aaron Burr. But they won't succeed.

As for Republican politicians like Mitt Romney, turncoats amidst the greatest political fight in American History (excluding the Civil War), their names will live in infamy. I would have voted for Romney once upon a time; that makes me shudder now. As they say, with friends like this, who needs enemies.