I am sad to report the death of Miriam Harnage, mother of Wanda Castel de Oro, esteemed staff member and friend of the Gazette. Mrs. Harnage passed away one month from her ninety-eighth birthday.

While I feel Wanda's sadness at the loss of her mother, I am also grateful to our Lord that her severe, prolonged suffering is now ended.

Rest in peace, Miriam.


The DRUDGE REPORT, a place I frequently browse, had this today: Partisan political division and the resulting incivility has reached a low in America, with 67% believing that the nation is nearing civil war, according to a new national survey.
I agree. In fact, if police were less able to keep the peace, I could even see bloodshed.

Since Trump won the 2016 presidential election every conceivable unconstitutional weapon has been, and is being, employed by the radical Liberal Left to disrupt, destroy, and remove our president from his duly elected office.

Hard evidence of this historically unprecedented conspiracy to nullify the 2016 Republican vote has been, and is being revealed today. It is clear that the highest and most powerful offices of our government (FBI, CIA, NSA, DOJ, etc.) with Democrat Party and most media, have conspired to invalidate the Republican vote.

I no longer have faith in the legitimacy of most of these organizations today. They are all corrupt. Our House of Representatives stinks with the Democrat control of committees. It has destroyed the President's Constitutional right to Due Process, and goes forward with its lies. The Democrat agenda is to nullify the 2016 vote and remove our President from office, by any means whatsoever. Republicans no longer have a voice in our democracy.

If this situation had occurred 100 years ago, we would certainly see half of our country sounding the alarm "LOCK AND LOAD". The Democrat Party, with the collusion of the above co-conspirators, has polarized and stymied the function of our democracy. For these reasons I have come to hate the Democrat Party and the nefarious demagogues, criminals, and traitors who represent it. Who can tolerate them? It has become the most socially corrosive group in the nation today.

I hope the Democrat Party not only loses the next general election, I hope it is beaten into political dust.

Next week, I'm really going to tell you what I think of the Democrat Party!