Fillmore Sheriff's Captain Eric Tennessen has been promoted to Commander, and will be serving in the City of Camarillo.
Eric is a 21-year veteran of the Ventura County Sheriff's Office. He is greatly admired in the City of Fillmore and will be missed. Congratulations Eric, and the best at your new assignment!


At this last City Council meeting, Captain Tennessen explained that the Sheriff's office regularly tows cars that have been parked too long in the city. All vehicles which have been towed have had a notice posted of intent to tow, for at least 72-hours before action is taken.

Some complaints have been registered about vehicles which were towed without receiving a notice. The Sheriff's office will be glad to listen to these complaints during Council Meetings or in person at the Sheriff's Office.


Only our Civil War divided the country more than the election of 2016. Half of the country voted for Donald Trump, and half for Hillary Clinton. The Democrat Party, the media, Hollywood, the universities, and any other colorful scraps of liberalism which happened to be lying around, voted for Clinton. TRUMP WON!

Republicans, by and large, continue to hold fast to traditional American Judeo-Christian moral values, like life, family, bible, and yes, believe that "...the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." Democrats, on the other hand, reject these principles which were foundational for our country, and like a political [!@#$], say, as they did in the 1960s,"If it feels good, do it". According to this philosophy, abortion, sexual promiscuity, pornography, political and sexual indoctrination of students from grades 1 through 16, and facilitating the rejection of all Judeo-Christian values, is claimed to be "progressive".

Evaluating the cluster of Democrat presidential wannabes, I have to ask which, if any, could lead the nation against enemies like China, Russia, North Korea, Iran, etc.? If one of them should win the general election, that would touch the hair trigger of massive conflict. That's also when we would understand just how much damage the Obama administration has done to our armed forces. It'll be a twofer - grossly incompetent and inexperienced government, with rank military unpreparedness.

As for President Trump, I don't see him ever escaping the slings and arrows of outrageous Democrat sedition. I'm just fed-up trying to keep up with free-floating Democrat lies. This most recent accusation of impeachable presidential conversations with the President of Ukraine, is just another embarrassing lie. What a waste of time the Democrat Party has inflicted upon the normal American public since 2016!

It's my hope that, come the next general election, the Democrat Party is totally destroyed. It is slowly killing our country.