I have to say I'm frantically searching for some solid good news, something stronger and bigger than the enormous piles of bad news confronting us today. Confronting not only the US but challenging the whole free world.

Most of us who enjoy the freedom that democratic society brings seem unaware of our plight. We seem to be sleep walking on the edge of a cliff. The dangers we face today are obvious, but most of us ignore them.

For those who think I'm exaggerating, just an alarmist, let me sound the alarm to show how fragile our free society really is.

Let me count the ways. Culturally, America has slipped into the sewage ditch. We are now a post-Christian nation. We not only ignore our historically Judeo/Christian moral precepts, on the sanctity of life and personal behavior, our major government sectors created "to Secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity" are so weakened that they will possibly cause America to lose a war against our determined enemies like China, Russia, Iran, or North Korea.

At this time of impending peril, half the country is engaged in non-stop attacks on our president. The attacks are intended to take him out, in the midst of true catastrophic threats to national survival. No thought given to the instability this is causing - especially if these Leftists are successful.

Dealing with North Korea has not only been unsuccessful, it has enhanced Mr. Un's status in the world. He now has more nukes than ever, and is building submarines capable of launching nuclear missiles.

Russia continues to brag about its nuclear weapons capabilities. As is usual with Putin, he squeezes every ruble he can from his near-empty national bank to ever expand nuclear weapons.

China is the main problem. They are a communist country with virtually no personal freedom. They are the major threat, militarily and economically. I hope Trump holds the line on tariffs.

Then there is the pending collapse within the Catholic Church due to sexual molestation and financial issues. This problem not only effects the Church itself, it has worldwide implications. The problem begins with the Vatican, which is a nation state, controlling 1.3 billion souls, and a Pope who lies and covers the crimes of many prelates. Financial crimes like embezzlement involving hundreds of millions are rampant and closely related to molestation activity. Ironically, it will take the federal government to resolve many of these issues, with RICO charges. At the center of the problem is homosexual predation by bishops, who control all financial accounts in their dioceses, and are unaccountable to any other church authority. According to retired Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, "The crisis is about the fact that a corrupt [homosexual] 'mafia' has taken control of many institutions of the Church, from the top down, and is exploiting the Church and the faithful for its own immoral purposes.”

We have lost our Judeo-Christian soul.

For these and many other issues, military, social, governmental, etc., this nation will soon be, in my opinion, shaken apart..