I am glad to see both the Harold Foy's 18-unit condominium project near his U-Haul business, and Alex Glasscock's apartment plan approved by city council. Foy's project seems perfect for the space, even though I hate 3-story buildings in Fillmore. It's needed and well planned.

Mr. Glasscock's apartment plan, especially preserving the old church facade, lacks one important thing, parking space.
Concerns about parking and traffic, contrary to council's finding that "traffic and parking...would not mean a substantial increase in cars or people from the building's days as a church and school" remain valid. Apartment traffic would be 24-7, not something the church or school intruded on residents.

The size of the project, 26 apartments, will overwhelm the area's capacity to provide adequate parking space. If the plan fails to increase parking space, traffic will prove to be a nightmare for area residents. The plan should be scaled-down by a few units at least.

The same shortage of parking space in the new housing development south of Central Avenue and River Street is going to cause another nightmare. River Street will become our own autobahn (speed limits 83 mph). That's a deliberate exaggeration to emphasize the reality of speeding on a congested River Street. Check out the traffic now around 3-6 p.m.. River Street will soon become an unmanageable and perpetually dangerous traffic problem. Accidents are already too frequent at the intersection of Highway 23 and River - at least two this month.

The church project will never be the mess that River Street will soon be, but such a large project (for Fillmore's residential area) will diminish the peaceful enjoyment for existing community residents.

I guess state and federal agencies are determined to compress housing in the City of Fillmore. They demand more and more housing units - like trying to dump 20 pounds of mud in a 10-pound bag. Fillmore is quickly losing its peaceful, rural ambiance. Thank you Liberal Sacramento.


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