I'm running too late this week to begin my column. It was going to support President Trump for visiting the two cities devastated by the two separate shooting incidents. Trump haters don't want to give him an opportunity, as president, to express his condolences for the horrendous loss of life. Another example of Democrat radical left mental illness.

I was also going to say something about the recent "pedophilia epidemic" within the Boy Scouts alleged by a group of lawyers who filed a new lawsuit Tuesday. A vast cover-up is claimed by this group. When compared with the vast homo-predator scandal in the Catholic Church, beginning with its prelates (bishops, archbishops, cardinals, and the Pope himself, for continuing to cover-up) homo-predation appears to be the new American Ebola.

Maybe next week.


The cost of making things uglier!

I don't know why every two years or so the powers that be order the butchering of the beautiful Ficus tree across the street from the Gazette's office.

The tree must be close to 100 years-old. I have photos taken 20-plus years ago showing that it was once larger than the adjacent Oak tree. It was taller with a larger crown.

This year, as happened only two years ago, the wood butchers cut all of its major limbs to the nubs. It had grown back beautifully. It was a natural aviary for hundreds of birds, and provided ample shade across the street for hours.

Why butcher such a beautiful, beneficial tree into a mass of ugly bloody stubs? It was perfectly conformed! Come look at it now!

Frankly, I'm pissed-off about this stupid double loss - cost of butchering it, loss of a beautiful, useful thing.

I think I may post the Gazette's mascot, Pebbles the Wonder Dog, to watch duty in the future.

Tree butchers BEWARE!