Describing a multi-millionaire as a loser seems odd, but it fits my view of Colin Kaepernick. He used to be a relatively famous American football star, but he's switched his persona, becoming an un-American anti-hero intent on denigrating our nation, after sitting on the bench for a couple of years.

Most recently he has become infamous among American patriots for causing the Nike corporation to halt its distribution of its newest sneaker, which featured a replica of the Revolutionary-era "Betsy Ross" American flag on the heel.

Kaepernick told Nike that the flag was a "hate symbol" because "the flag recalls an era when black people were enslaved...."

This action proves two things. First, Colin Kaepernick is an ignorant fool. Second, Nike is a cowardly corporation facilitating Kaepernick's insult to America. I hear, as a result of this caper, Nike's stock has grown substantially. A pox on both of these disloyal ingrates, and upon those who support them.

Racism has become, more than ever, the trump card in discussions of American culture today. What I recognize on this issue is emotional, leftist, political demagoguery. This issue (racism) is designed to smother honest dialogue with a false presumption of guilt in every case. The leftist media is complicit in this conflict between fact and propaganda. Their intent here is to stir-up hate, confusion, and conflict - preferably physical conflict, as with Antifa.

The Betsy Ross flag enshrines the hope of national independence at the beginning of this great nation's foundation. That independence soon brought freedom to enslaved Americans. The determination to end slavery was so fierce that 600,000 Americans fought to the death in our Civil War to achieve it, which included hundreds of thousands of once-enslaved Americans, and about 300,000 white men who took the bullet.

Just to inform losers like Colin Kaepernick and Nike, slavery has been endemic to the human race since shortly after Adam met Eve. It continues to exist in many Muslim countries. It will continue to be a fight worth challenging. Check this out - more non-African men and women have been enslaved than all African slaves counted together. Those who find this too shocking to believe are urged to do a little historical research. For thousands of years the human race has found fellow humans to be the most valuable commodity. Research the Muslim word Kafer. This will only take you back to the year 632, but will trace the slave trade involving hundreds of millions of unfortunates. But for an even richer history of slavery go back to pre-Roman times, anywhere in the world. Unfortunately, man has never existed in time without slavery, and it took guts, blood, and determination to end it in America.

Slavery is pretty nearly a damning of the human soul. It's far too important and threatening to be treated so lightly, as Colin Kaelpernick and his ignorant council of demagogues continue to do.

God bless America and its beautiful American flag - from each era of our national history!

Thank you Betsy Ross for your talent and patriotism.