Congratulations to the City of Fillmore for sponsoring last week's public camp-out at Two Rivers Park. There was good attendance for a first-time effort. Thanks are also due to Hazel Rodriguez, Information & Education Specialist for the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, who showed up with their information booth, especially attractive to children.

Next year I expect the camp-out will be an even larger event when word spreads.


(AP) — "The chairman of the House Judiciary Committee says he expects special counsel Robert Mueller to have “a profound impact” when he testifies before Congress on July 17, even though Mueller has said he won’t provide any new information."
It's a symptom of the depth of congressional corruption that a showboating lickspittle like Chairman Adam Schiff can command this sideshow at taxpayer's expense. A reasonable person could attribute Schiff's behavior to stupidity but that would miss the point. This sort of action by Democrat Party members is just a deliberate attempt to continue the Mueller investigation, for a fifth time, after nearly 3 years of fraudulent snooping into President Trump's campaign, election, and presidency.

Schiff and his cronies should know by now that even the dumbest members of the American electorate are on to their nefarious antics. But Schiff and his minions will still try to drag the phony issue of alleged Russian collusion from the last election into the next. It's amazing to see.

“When you accept the role of special counsel in one of the most significant investigations in modern history, you’re going to have to expect that you’re going to be asked to come and testify before Congress,” says Adam Schiff. What a load of sour owl crap! "...most significant investigation in modern history..." Really? This is perhaps the most significant fraudulent investigation since ancient history! Authored by the Schiff himself. What a load of Schiff!

"We were guided by principles of fairness': reads Mueller's statement. Another load of stinky stuff.

Enough of this. It's time for true justice. Evidence is clear that a treasonous coup d'état was planned at the highest levels of American government to defeat Donald Trump in his attempt to become our president. The rogues gallery is long, following operation Crossfire Hurricane: Barack Obama Hillary Clinton, James Comey, John Brennan, James Clapper, Peter Strzok, Christopher Steele, Lisa Page, et al. and a cast of hundreds more. Throw in three other countries and this is a truly remarkable, infamous story of deceit and treason, facilitated by nearly all of the heads of our most powerful governmental agencies - FBI, CIA, NSC, DOJ, IRS, and others. This is a crisis of revolutionary proportions.

The American judicial system is on trial in front of the whole world; will these traitors be arrested, tried, convicted, and jailed? Or will the Democrat Party attempt to cover-up? The cultural stability of our nation depends on true justice.

Hang em all, hang em high.