I enjoyed watching President Trump's reelection campaign speech yesterday. The Orlando Amway Center arena was jammed with exuberant supporters to hear Trump say ... “I stand before you to officially launch my campaign for a second term as President of the United States… I promise you I will never, never let you down.”

And for the millions who have watched his actions since his inauguration, he is believed - he is a man of his word. In a little over two years he has restored and secured the fortunes of this nation in the face of its enemies.

God bless President Trump and his family. God speed his victory in the coming election.


For about 2 years now the fate of Fillmore's (Ventura County's) new, $9 million Fire Station # 27, has remained a mystery. Work was halted due to the prime contractor's default, and nothing was done to cure the expensive problem. I wonder how much in interest alone taxpayers have paid for this delay? I wonder how much can be recouped from the parties responsible for this financial fiasco?

I have to thank Senior Public Works Inspector, Jim Van Voorhis, for providing a tour of the entire facility last Monday. It revealed a structure beautifully finished to the last detail. No doubt this station will be the envy of all other county stations, and competition for the Chief's position will be strong.

The facility can house 9 firefighters in separate rooms. The front office facade is done with natural rock, nicely planted. The station has plenty of space for everyone and everything, from a 4-engine garage and exercise room, to a central garden and relaxation space. It has a spacious conference and communications area, and a dedicated gravel area to park the bulldozer. The chief's office bathroom is finished with a terrazzo floor.

A cistern for collecting rainwater from the roof is located on the south side facing River Street, and a covered parking space is furnished with solar panels. A special effort was made to conform design to meet climate issues. Motors for the vertical doors will be delivered soon, as well as entry gates.

I have to say I am impressed with the design, fit and finish of the structure - I guess I should be for $9 million - plus. The extreme delay in completion of the firehouse really should be no mystery - it's money. Who's going to pay for this breach of contract? I think we all know the answer to that question. I'm just as interested to know exactly when this place will be up-and-running - FIRE SEASON is upon us, and, tragically, we missed the last one. It's time to equip this station!

Thanks again to Jim Van Voorhis for the tour.