Well, despite the fact that most high-bred British royal types probably still think of our president as an uncouth colonial, he has friends there as well.

I have to give President Donald Trump 5 stars for his performance in England for D-Day ceremonies. He did "shake hands" with the Queen awkwardly, but I was glad to see him reproach the Mayor of London as a "Stone cold loser." British Labor Leader Corbyn claims Trump's remarks were Islamophobic, though the Mayor is presiding over a huge increase of crime for which his Islamic co-religionists are largely responsible.

I am proud of our president and his entire family. They are distinguishing themselves in the service of our country.
Now, if the Deep State Democrat Party and its partners, 90-percent of the American media, would leave him alone to do his work, we, and the rest of the western world would thrive.

Fifth Column politicians and traitorous Fourth Estate efforts to distract and defeat the presidential agenda have done and are doing great damage to our country. This situation is truly unprecedented in our history. At least half of American citizens seem determined to destroy the Commander in Chief in the middle of his battle to restore border sovereignty, counter 4 deadly nuclear enemies, stabilize our economy, and protect our Constitution and the laws which flow from it.

This nation has never faced so many powerful enemies determined to extinguish the voice of freedom in the world. Military technology and capabilities are truly awesome, each boasting of its ability to annihilate the other.

Most obviously critical at the moment is millions of illegal aliens pouring across our southern border - from all over the world! They bring with them poverty, crime, no knowledge or respect for law, customs, or culture. At a cost to American citizens of $70,000 (per individual) they are a disaster which is unchecked; they can quickly destroy our nation.

Among the diseases they spread to America (some contracted by Border Patrol) are typhus and an untreatable form of tuberculosis.

But just wait - what will stop this circus at the border will probably be a case EBOLA. With newly arriving illegals from Africa, where this disease is going out of control, we are inviting this prospect.

THEN, maybe the Democrats will finally show some interest in helping our president control our border. Otherwise, America is dying from neglect.