[A response to this week's letter to the editor from Raymond S. Brown, Sr. (see letter below)]

Hello again Mr. Brown. I will have to respond with "bullet" statements due to the length of your objections to my May 10 editorial.

First, I should have made it clear that in criticizing the agencies (FBI, etc.) I was speaking of top level, not the honest, hard-working agents below them. I admire and appreciate their work, as you do.

It's hard for me to believe you fail to understand the extent and seriousness of the treasonous conspiracy now being revealed following nearly 3-years of federal investigation, unlawfully launched against President Trump. I recommend a short, concise, factual book for your enlightenment, (a #1 NY Times Best Seller): "The Russian Hoax", by author Gregg Jarrett. I would normally not recommend the NY Times to anyone. I make an exception here due to the exceptional accuracy of this book and the undisputed integrity of its author.

After four separate government investigations over a period of 3-years, it is becoming clear that these deceitful entities actually conspired to "weaponize" our most powerful intelligence and law enforcement agencies to deprive Trump of his election victory. Most of our news media were actively complicit in facilitating this treasonous Guy Fawkes-type scheme to blow-up the 2016 election. With the fresh DOJ investigation of the origins of the fraudulent "Russian collusion" accusations against Trump, "Truth will out" very soon, with calamitous results for these guilty parties. Most recently: Giuliani: "Massive Collusion" Between DNC, Obama Admin., Clinton ...".

It's my guess that within a year we will have winnowed-out a rogues gallery of about 20 guilty parties responsible for the fraudulent Russian collusion conspiracy case, and many fresh new faces in the ongoing "origins" of the collusion investigation.

Keys to the entire attempted 2016 Coup d'état begin with Obama and his White House minions, such as Hillary Clinton (Sec. of State) and Valerie Jarrett. The show has just begun.

Mr. Brown, facts from millions of documents, many finished and ongoing investigations, and personal investigations in this matter conclude no collusion or obstruction of justice by Trump. Dems will drag this on until the next election. After following this investigation from the beginning, I can say with absolute confidence America is looking at the greatest case of treason ever in our history. It dwarfs the significance of Benedict Arnold's betrayal.

As usual, I don't have time to go into more detail. But there is absolutely no "nonsense!" about these facts. The facts are numerous, and obvious, about who did the unlawful collusion here. When will liberals face reality? Read the book Mr. Brown. It's all there!

Thank you for your opinion. I wish it were more fact-based.

Martin Farrell


To the Editor:
I cannot find a way to put your name in my letter greeting..
Your latest May 10 realities is way out of line and unlike your thinking as we have come to know you.
The forefathers established our political parties and wrote the Constitution to provide for difference of thinking and values.
Liberals, Conservatives, neither by that plan hold a dominant position over the other.. Neither is more right than the other. A better way for Americans is if we unite and recognize we by plan will have differences.
It concerns me to hear you say that the "FBI,CIA,NSA,IRS, and their top employees with the Democratic party have proven themselves criminal"
Absolute nonsense! that complete group of organizations are the elite Men and Women who protect this country . Highly educated and dedicated to America. To have the view that they are all criminals, is about the same as the Patient who visits a psychiatrist and tells him "it is not me who is crazy it is the rest of the world"
With regard to Hillary Clinton although there is this issue of Russian interference in our election that may have cost her the Presidency, that is all. It is quite clear that the investigation was caused by the Russian interference and so many of the Presidents Campaign officials having had contact with the Russians. We need to know, and no it is not concluded. Read the (Republican) Robert Mueller report Volume 2.
Ten listed potential obstruction of Justice by our President. those are not resolved.
They have along with the whole report, been temporarily put under Executive Privilege .
A.G. Barr: the only portion of the whole report that Barr is restricted from giving Congress the un-redacted report, are those areas where there is Grand Jury testimony or would unduly share names of those who are innocent. of any of this..
Barr did lie, did you watch his testimony? where he answered that he had no idea what Muller's view of his four page letter, was . As we now know he did know from a March letter he had received ( and he did not tell us about it) well before the date of his appearance with Congress. He is no saint. He is well educated but tarnished himself
The Brett Kavanaugh hearings were terrible and unforgiveable, Barr deserves no apology,.
I am astounded that so many well educated people have apparently come to the view that the Executive branch is all powerful, no one should question it.
Our forefathers set the Governing Powers at three elements. Executive, Congress, and the Supreme Court. None of them dictates or runs over the others. The Supreme Court is the final arbitrator of decisions as provided by law. They all have specific functions and responsibilities
I have written Chief Justice John Roberts via email. the question is, 'with today's American tenor", where it seems anything is up for change and questioning , "Why is the Supreme Court Waiting to be invited to join the issues shredding American civility and, values". The established process of running up through a series of levels of Court, is a waste of time and money when it is absolutely the Supreme Court who will have to make the calls. Particularly as they are set by the Constitution. False pretenses of understanding better than anyone else is boloney. Establishing policies , for example,, The Justice Department has a policy to not indict a President, contrary to the Constitution "Liberty and Justice for all" What happened to "Liberty and Justice for ALL. "? It does not say when it is convenient!
Do we need to rewrite the lyrics to our Pledge of Allegiance? and remove Justice for all ?
Does the Presidential oath of office need to strike out "I will preserve and defend the Constitution so help me God??" may be it should say, but just has it applies to me the Executive Branch ?
I do not think so. We did/do not want an autocratic system, or a king.
Congress has by Article 1 the power to subpoena whoever they see is needed for hearing information..
I am concerned that the Executive Branch is over stepping it's authority as provided by the Constitution, for Congress. investigations and subpoena power therefore are implied by Article 1, Section1 of the Constitution specifically for Congress. . It does not apply or provide for the Executive Branch to interfere. Oh Well here we go.
This has to come to a conclusion
It is time for the silent third of the United States governing authorities, The Supreme Court , to get involved and not wait to be invited, before there is another civil war.
We need by distinction of the Constitution for Congressional oversight, subpoenas to be honored, we need to let this fall where it may, by thorough review and over sight, we need this for America.
Raymond S. Brown Sr.,