I'm running very late again. So, I'll just comment on a few DRUDGE headlines.

For most of my life I've viewed the Democrat Party as just the normal, liberal side of American politics. But the scene changed forever for me as the highest, most powerful agencies of our government (FBI, CIA, NSA, IRS) and their top employees, with the Democrat Party, have proven themselves utterly criminal, to the point of treason. I will never trust these agencies again until all of the villains have been tried, convicted and jailed - especially Hillary Clinton, who is responsible for the entire fraudulent (three-year, $35-million) Russia-collusion investigation.

I'm watching the latest devious Democrat tactic, holding Attorney General Robert Barr in contempt for withholding files he is not permitted to hand over. Once again we see the extent of Democrat duplicity, as we saw with the supremely outrageous confirmation process inflicted upon now Justice Brett Kavanaugh. I can never forget that quasi-criminal attack upon one of the finest, most distinguished men ever to be nominated to the Supreme Court.

I believe Robert Barr will also distinguish himself once again in defeating the Dem's trap.


"Students at Hofstra University are demanding the school remove a Thomas Jefferson statue" DRUDGE.

Destroying our nation's history seems to be the attitude among members of the "marketplace of ideas" these days. I've lost my respect for most colleges to the extent they omit academic openness to different ideas in their curriculum. "Students at Hofstra University are demanding the school remove a Thomas Jefferson statue." The destruction of historic images is all the rage now. The desire to do this signals a disturbing trend in student ability to welcome views other than their own. How boring!


Those who have watched the invasion of illegal immigrants at our southern border don't have to be told that we have a true crisis on our hands. Once again, Democrats refuse to cooperate with Republicans to pass critically necessary laws to control our borders and defend our sovereignty.

How stupid must we be to ignore this massive crisis?!