A response to Kelly Scoles letter below:

Hello Kelly,

Thanks for the letter.

I fully acknowledge the many scholastic and military honors Buttigieg has earned during his short life. These achievements are honorable and extraordinary. But I don't believe he is "married" to a man or that he is that man’s “wife”. As he is so bright, he knows the reality of his Y chromosome, which makes him immutably male. This is as much a debate over morals as it is science, calling for a moral response.

As a Christian I believe there are two parts to human life - one material and mortal, the other spiritual and immortal. Every Christian has a duty to defend his/her faith against what has been clearly defined as evil. This Easter Sunday Christians worldwide celebrated the ultimate victory over evil in the death and resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Those not believing in Jesus read no further. This demonstrates the reality of our immortality. The ultimate facts for Christians are stark, life, death, judgment, Heaven or Hell. America was founded on this common understanding. Let's not quibble about denominations here.

Scripture, both Old Testament and the Christian New Testament, clearly defines what is good (Beatitudes) and evil (violation of Commandments). Mr. Buttigieg's and his partner's behavior, by this standard, is evil. That being the case, all the honors of this world are as nothing in contemplating eternity. "For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?" (Mark 8:36). And, cliché as it sounds to a pagan world, this is the pure truth, the reality within which I live, and hope to die.

I'm neither priest nor preacher, and I realize you do not believe, as I do, in the tenants of the Christian faith. Billions of people agree with you and disagree with me. In America especially that is your right - as it is my right to disagree with you, and warn our youth of the peril in Mayor Pete's fraudulent "religious reality".

I find Buttigieg's public behavior revolting and scandalous, particularly as it misinforms our youth by being shown as normal conduct, which it is not. The opinions of all the psychiatrists in the world, liberal media, educational savants, and politicians, cannot create a truthful new reality by calling what is evil, good, and what is good, evil, despite their novel definitions and magical logic. You suggest that I am unaware that a string of geniuses are alleged to have been homosexual. I don't know about the ancient Greeks, they were pagans. There is no certain evidence for this allegation in any of the others you name. To accuse Shakespeare and Lincoln, in particular, slanders their reputations (and would have gotten you shot in their day.) A little research will inform you that both were devout, normal, Christian men. The best source for Shakespeare is Joseph Pearce: Shakespeare, and most of his family, were courageous "Requisants" during the bloody reign of Henry VIII. "Shakespeare lived at a time when the practice of Catholicism was illegal. In 1534, King Henry VIII had declared that he and his successors would lead a statecontrolled church and that only this state-imposed religion would be tolerated. Priests were tortured and put to death, as were those who tried to hide them..." Yet Shakespeare practiced his faith in secret during his lifetime.

What angers me most about your energetic defense of Buttigieg's outrageous "marriage" parody is just that he actually seeks respect while mocking sacred matrimony. I find it amazing that while less than two percent of the nation's population claims the status of some form of make-believe deviant sexual anomaly, the other 98-percent of normal Americans have been cowed into believing the 2-percent is entitled to novel extra-Constitutional rights and privileges, which earlier in our history would have had them burned or tarred and feathered. This judicial corruption has happened in just the last 50-years of our 240-year history. This Constitutional tragedy can be attributed to the dark work of the Liberal Left through the Supreme Court. Again, the Liberal penumbras have provided camouflage during this demise. If sodomy is to be honored in America, why not bestiality? America from its birth was infused with the spirit of Judeo-Christian faith. Though weakened by a recent depraved secular surge, our country's strength still lies entirely in its religious roots.

Buttigieg's onstage presence with "husband" seeks to cut those roots. It's up to traditional Christians to stop him.

Your letter ends: "I think God can probably handle the soul of his child, Mayor Pete of Indiana."

That's what worries me, Kelly. We are informed that the souls of many of His children are lost. Every conceivable power was afforded him this Easter Sunday, but attempting to popularize sodomy will cause him to miss the boat. Mayor Pete is a leader - like the Pied Piper, he's leading our children away from Christianity - he's leading with the most defiant challenge in all creative history - "Non serviam!" - Lucifer's "I will not serve!" Which instantly brought the battle cry of St. Michael the Archangel: "Who is like unto God?!" Answer - no one!

Which is where it all began, and where Mayor Pete would have it all end. Let's not go there.


To the Editor:
The reason I am writing this letter is your April 17, 2019, comment on presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg, magna cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa undergraduate of Harvard, first-class honors in philosophy, politics and economics from Pembroke College, Oxford (Rhodes scholar), speaks 8 languages including English (Norwegian self-taught), Afghanistan veteran, 37-year old mayor of South Bend, IN for the last eight years. Religious and married. Whom God made gay. You do know that there is significant historical evidence that Aristotle, Socrates, Shakespeare, DaVinci, Michelangelo, and thousands of other remarkable human beings, including likely Abraham Lincoln, were homosexual or bi-sexual? Does this make them any less great?

It’s no one’s right to chastise you for your objection to the fact that Mayor Pete is gay, though your reaction to it seems extreme. It is just one aspect of a life lived well so far, a life of achievement, one devoted to public service and a willingness to serve further. True, Mayor Pete is not out there paying off porn stars, or separating children from their parents, or making the rich richer, or calling the Fourth Estate "enemies of the people,"or making up juvenile names for elected officials, or threatening our small farmers with bankruptcy under tariffs. No, Mayor Pete is offering for our consideration another way of looking at our country’s future. He appears to be resurrecting the Middle-America Social Justice Movement of the early 20th century. He may not be elected president, but his voice is worthwhile.

Close your eyes when he kisses his husband, Martin, if love offends you. And if you are troubled by the fact that he sees himself as the “wife” in the relationship, perhaps he just honestly thinks he’s the stronger partner. I’m not sure why it should matter to you. I think God can probably handle the soul of his child, Mayor Pete of Indiana.

Kelly Scoles,