One of the world's most majestic religious monuments, Notre Dame Cathedral, was almost completely lost to fire. Thankfully, most of the structure can be restored, and its famous rose windows were spared.

Many churches in France are dedicated to Mary the mother of Jesus, and it is particularly sad to lose the Cathedral a few days before Easter Sunday, when hundreds of thousands of Catholics and others planned to attend Mass there, as during the previous 850 years.

It's difficult to understand how work on the building's steeple, involving some sort of burning device, would be undertaken without essential fire-fighting equipment on site. Many questions remain as to the cause of the fire. Bottom line, French workmen didn't value the structure sufficiently to provide for such emergencies. I'm sure they cared, but not enough. Had a large bag of jewels been kept in a box at the middle of the Cathedral, I'm sure it would have been better guarded. But with this unique French jewel the country became careless.

A wrought-copper rooster topped the Cathedral's spire as an historic symbol of France. "The origins of the Gallic Rooster or cockerel became an emblem of France in the Middle-Ages due to the homonymy of the Latin words gallus (cock, rooster) and Gallus (the inhabitants of Gaul)". It was battered during the spire's fiery collapse, but is salvageable.
"However it is the role that the rooster played in the Passion of Jesus-Christ that was retained by medieval France. This symbol of vigilance was indeed mentioned in Matthew 26:34,73-74:"
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As Christians around the world gather to celebrate the death and resurrection of their Lord, Jesus Christ, the Gazette extends its wishes for a happy and holy Easter season, and blessings to all.


Tomorrow, Thursday April 17, 2019, the properly redacted report by special counsel Robert S. Mueller will be released. Claims of so-called Russian collusion between the 2016 Trump campaign and the Russian government, by Democrats, etc., are completely discredited. Much to the chagrin of the true conspirators - FBI, CIA, DNC, etc., the report concludes that President Donald Trump is not a traitor to his country.

But discovery of the real traitors in high office is just being revealed.

The photo of Madonna at 60, inaugurating her "comeback of the century" by a lip -to-lip sharing a squared slice of something, makes me sick. She should consult that TV ad for crepey skin.

Beyond that, what really makes me want to vomit is the campaign video of presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg kissing his male "husband" on the lips and beckoning young Americans to be more tolerant of sodomy. Pete proclaims himself to be the "wife" in this twosome.

Pete - you might get a hold of some of those gay Vatican bishops for some hefty financial support.

But don't give up hope - Easter was meant for you as well.