Once again I have to remind the past president of the Fillmore Library Association that the pronunciation of the word "library" is not lie-bary. A library is a place we find books. A lie-bary is a prevaricating fruit.

Members of the Democrat Party are prime examples of prevaricators, but I just call them liars, which has nothing to do with libraries.

Lies come in various sizes, from white lies, to mega whoppers. We can find mega whoppers bouncing around on the U.S. Senate floor; even more plentiful in the House of Representatives because it has many more mythomaniacs, or as social scientists sometimes define the problem, pseudologia fantastica. Virtually all Democrat office holders suffer from pseudologia fantastica. Just look at this pair.

Well, enough said. When you go to vote shun these folks, because, as the Russia-Collusion case begins to shed the light of truth, we should remember all of the mega whoppers the Dems have fed us for the past two years in order to take President Trump out. The truth here is we are now witnessing a rare and massive, prima facie case of treason by coup d'état. Let's see if our judicial system still works as designed, to punish these Deep State Democrats.