Bullying of students by other students has been a problem as long as schools have existed. And it's a problem in Fillmore schools today. I'm sure the Greeks and Romans had the same problem, but probably had less sympathy for the victims.

I'm convinced that since our Supreme Court is determined to ban the teaching of Judeo-Christian virtues (even as non-denominational values) our children have become more paganized. That is, they don't value other persons' rights. We've become essentially a "me first" society.

With the millions of suggestions proffered to fix this issue it seems almost humorous for me to add anything more. I'll just say that schools at every level were far better ordered, and rules respected, when those of my generation were educated. Of course, never perfect, but vastly better.

Today many students, particularly in middle school ages, show very little respect for authority (teachers) and boldly obstruct classroom order. These students should be quickly identified, truly disciplined, and if this doesn't work, expelled for the health and safety of normally behaving students.

Victimized students fear the bully, but the bully has no fear of authority. One has to go.


KB Homes is moving dirt at last to build-out housing sited immediately south of Central Avenue and River Street. I will prophesy here, that in two years River Street and its immediate surroundings will have unmanageable traffic. It's bad now, but just wait. Far too many housing units with insufficient parking. We will rue the day we permitted so many 3-story units. These kinds of mistakes can plague us for 100 years.

Furthermore, (while I have my Johnny Carson's Carnac the Magnificant's hat on) I worry about how far development has extended into the Santa Clara River. During my 30 years in Fillmore I have witnessed shore to shore flooding, with whitecaps, down that river. I have always respected the expert advice of the late Clarence Freeman, highly distinguished hydrologist, who warned against much of the work then being planned near the River.


As the Deep State conspiracy now quickly unfolds, identifying criminal conduct of the Obama White House, through the Department of Justice, the FBI, CIA, NSA, etc. to subvert the 2016 election, grim-faced losers like Jerrold Nadler (House Chairman of Judiciary Committee) demand immediate release of the complete Mueller report. These criminally complicit Democrats, responsible for the 2-year Mueller investigation, which has exposed their own fraudulent Russian collusion, are about to be nabbed. Terror of exposure drives their anti-Trump activity now. Let's see how this greatest of treasonous conspiracies to achieve the upset of the 2016 election is handled.