I really had to laugh at the photo of Rachel Maddow at the top of DRUDGE this morning. She hosts the Rachel Maddow Show” on MSNBC, and has been one of the most outspoken Never Trump commentators. Her photo shows her staring blankly at the camera, with a bewildered expression. The caption reads "What now?". We might remember the triumphal moment she had years ago when she waved a single page of Trump's tax returns. How things have changed since Attorney General William Barr's memo to Congress about the conclusions of the Mueller Report. She has lost a half million viewers since the country finally discovered that she had been feeding her audience and endless stream of lies and scurrilous wishful thinking about President Trump, as has ABC, CBS, NBC, and virtually every liberal "news" outlet - for nearly three years!

It's a sad and scary thing to discover so much treachery in American political culture today. Who can we trust? The highest positions of government have betrayed the people. The FBI, CIA, NSA, Justice Department, Democrat Party, and 90 percent of the media, have been caught in an audacious attempted Coup d'état to defeat Donald Trump as a candidate, and later to remove him from office and inaugurate Hillary Clinton.

This is an historical series of treasonable actions by a large group, suffering similar mental disorders, who conspired to upset the 2016 election. I do not mean this as hyperbole. I'm not exaggerating. We are dealing with a sort of mass hysteria (fear of Trump) never before witnessed in American political history. It's like a psychotic riot, a continuous mental conflict among Liberals, Leftists, and otherwise mentally unstable people who can't face reality.

A recent example of this sick mind-set can be seen (video)in the behavior of a lady who had to be removed from a plane before departure. She had a seat next to a man wearing a Trump hat. Her reaction to him was hysterical, and threatening. Discovering her seatmate was conservative, her verbal attack included asking the Trump supporter if he believed in gravity, or global warming. Like Liberals today, she was psychologically unhinged.

This whole mental thing afflicts every hopeful Democrat lining up to run for President. They are all goofy. But goofy inexperience is not what America needs today. We need the steady, determined actions of an unflappable man like Donald Trump to run the country.