The Catholic Church continues to bleed from the thousand cuts inflicted upon her one billion-plus faithful members by its corrupt cardinals, bishops and priests. My heartfelt sympathy goes out to the tens of thousands of faithful, devoted priests, nuns, and a handful of bishops and cardinals, for what must feel like a thankless effort at times. They should be reassured that their fidelity to the faith is, however, never unappreciated. They are the heroes in this worldwide war against apostasy and the diabolical Leftist surge to form a global "Christian" church.

I recently viewed a video of a bevy of Catholic bishops participating in the recent Vatican summit on the clerical sexual abuse of children. I must confess (I'm a Catholic myself) that I wished that group of purple hats had been instructed as follows. "Would all prelates present in this room please pass, single file, through the door to your right. Thereafter, you will encounter a large room full of polygraph stations with technicians. You will each comply with instructions, beginning with a sacred oath to give the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God.

The single question to be answered is: "Have you ever sexually abused a child, or seminarian, sought to conceal such activity by others, during the years following your consecration into Holy Orders as a priest? Mental reservations are strictly prohibited under the oath. Those of you found to have lied under oath will be immediately excommunicated; you may turn in your purple hats at the cloakroom upon departure.”

I know that this imagined procedure would be both legally and sacramentally invalid. But it satisfies my personal hope for justice. The problem is huge because nothing has been done for generations to flush, scour, and dredge-out the Vatican's own stinking deep state. That deep state functions very much like our Congressional deep state. The great distinction, however, is that while Washington deals with secular wickedness, the Vatican, particularly under Pope Francis, deals with a much more deadly spiritual wickedness, with eternal souls, and laws making no exceptions.

This is a problem which affects everyone, somehow, world-wide. Australian Cardinal George Pell was recently sentenced to six years in prison by a Melbourne court, for crimes against children. The court in the southeastern French city of Lyon found another Bishop guilty of failing to report allegations that a priest, Bernard Preynat, had abused young men. The law is catching up, but the list of offenders is long. Many found it odd that the name of former Archbishop (now Mr.) McCarrick, dismissed from the priesthood recently, following his conviction for sexual abuse of minors, was not even mentioned during the Pope's recent synod.

The central problem with the Vatican today is that it has allowed itself to be infested with pedophiles, and homosexuals at the highest levels. While these people may receive some protection and sympathy in civil society, in the church, where death, judgment, Heaven or Hell determine that these states are fatally sinful, these individuals and their practices are anathema. All of the Supreme Court decisions in the world which might claim to find them tolerable are meaningless and powerless. In the Catholic Church, and most other Christian churches, this conclusion is Commanded.

Bottom line: The cause of massive sexual assaults against young men (89 percent) and children (11 percent) within the Church today is documented: “The plague of the homosexual agenda has been spread within the Church,” said the two cardinals, [Walter Brandmüller and Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke] “promoted by organized networks and protected by a climate of complicity and a conspiracy of silence.”

It's time for many Catholic prelates to be Laicized - and for Francis to step down.

Yeah, I know, that may sound very un-Christian to some. But, how else can young men and women be protected against these vicious predators?