I look at our new, $9-million, County of Ventura fire station nearly every day and wonder what has caused the one-year delay in its completion. It has been impossible to contact the project supervisor. I'm told that a prime contractor was unable to complete performance. Is there no cure for this? It sat idle during the entire fire season when it could have saved some of those thousands of homes that were destroyed. Concrete work remains unfinished, and only half of adjacent C Street was paved, ignoring serious cracks and erosion on the other half.

This is about as beautiful a fire house as you can imagine. It has to be at least 90-percent finished. Maybe arrangements can be made for paid tours?

It's more than a year late!


As pigs are delivered to slaughterhouse, activists offer water and comfort to the doomed...

I didn't need much more evidence to understand how vile and heartless our culture has become during my long life, but it was provided anyway with the above headline from DRUDGE. Gustavo Arellano did his job well for the Los Angeles Times today. His was no fake news - I have to commend him for giving us just the facts. He found expressions of sympathy and comfort for swine at the slaughterhouse, shortly before they were to be slaughtered.

"Baby boomers and millennials, black-clad anarchists and Patagonia-sporting Westsiders pushed water bottles through the trailer’s grates to the startled hogs. People with pump-action sprayers splashed the upper deck. Two men lighted everyone with floodlights as others recorded the action, took photos or offered gentle massages to doomed 250-pound Yorkshires." "The pigs lapped up the water and offered satisfied grunts. “Good baby!” said a woman to one as it suckled on a bottle. “All for baby!”

"These protests — or “vigils” as organizers call them — have occurred every Sunday and Wednesday night since early 2017. Advertised by word of mouth and on social media, they regularly draw 50 to 100 people..."

Meanwhile, back at the clinic:

Providing comfort for mammals about to be slaughtered is popular these days, whether at the hog slaughterhouse or the neonatal clinic. Virginia Gov. Northam, a Democrat, tells us that if a child is born after a failed attempt at abortion, “the infant would be resuscitated (and "made comfortable") if that’s what the mother and the family desired, and then a discussion would ensue between the physicians and the mother” (as to whether the newborn infant should have his or her spinal cord severed). The important thing here is comfort for the newborn before a life or death decision is made.

Today in America there is little difference between the handling of aborted humans and processing pork. Here's someone who can verify this fact: Former Abortionist Dr. Levatino at Virginia Tech studentsforlife.

So, don't pity the pigs, they were created as food to feed humans. But do feel some sympathy for newborn infants who will be slaughtered, not for food, but for their valuable body parts, or perhaps for bizarre scientific experiments like grafting body parts to mice.

America, how vile and degenerate you have become. I no longer recognize the beautiful Judeo-Christian culture I was born into 80-years ago.