Last week’s REALITIES should have been prefaced with a personal note. My criticism of Pope Francis was not an arbitrary condemnation at religion. For those Catholics who might have been offended by my comments, I am, myself, a Roman Catholic from birth. I have not paid sufficient attention to the incredible extent of corruption within the Vatican.

The second Vatican Council destroyed most of 2000-years of sacred tradition and opened the door to much evil and confusion (according to true, pre-Vatican Two members of the Roman Church). This is manifestly true of the Church hierarchy, Pope, Cardinals, Bishops, Priests, and laity. As the late, great Malachi Martin stated, “This can be fixed, but it will be difficult”.

So I apologize to those of my fellow Catholics who might have been shocked by my statements; but I have to reaffirm them following much research of the issue. Pope Francis must step down.

I know this is not a religious newspaper, and I don’t intend to make it one. But I have to rejoice in the fact that I enjoy
the full protection of our First Amendment like so many small community papers which existed from the beginning of our republic. Compared to the typical daily paper, I’m truly free. I do not criticize any other religion, with the exception of deadly Sharia law Islam, as a matter of principle.


With a half-hour left to write something today, I’ve hit the wall. Glad to hear Trump continues to build the wall; only 6
miles in Texas, but it’s a welcome start. He should take some of the billions taken from El Chapo to finish the work. Would rather see a concrete slab wall than a steel barrier. A person could cut through the steel with an acetylene torch in about 5 minutes.

That new lady Muslim congress person hates Jews, and says so. Is this a surprise? That orientation is commanded by Sharia law. Her pathetic “apology” is an affront to normal thinking people. Hurray for Israel!

I warned Fillmore City Hall many years ago that they were making River Street too narrow. Anyone paying attention could see that new development expected east of Highway 23 would flood River Street with cars and trucks. It will soon be choked for through traffic.

Sorry, that’s all I have this week.