This edition is produced under unusual circumstances. Our printer of many years suddenly quit the business and we have had to make new arrangements.


I have to give 5 stars to President Trump for his magnificent State of the Nation address. These days, the only policy I strongly criticize him for is the sudden withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan and the Middle East. I can't believe we have not learned our lesson since the disastrous pull-out of Iraq. He is keeping all of his promises, including the building of a wall on our southern border in the face of an onslaught of tens of thousands of illegal invaders. This is a major emergency for the nation and should be declared as such, if citizenship still has some value.


America still struggles with the idea that human life has value, at every stage of development. Abortion is again being shown for the horror that it is. Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam is promoting partial birth abortion (third trimester) as a socially acceptable practice. He wants to have the mothers of Virginia warm to the idea of determining whether to keep their newborn boys or girls, or kill them; of course after a thoughtful discussion with doctor, maybe even the father. However, this decision would only be made after the baby is made "comfortable". My God! - can anything in this world be more beautiful or precious than a newborn infant? Shades of Dr. Josef Mengele and Kermet Gosnell.

This is, again, the war between Judeo-Christian ethics and new world atheism. America's soul is slipping away.


To be fair, I would also have to say that the world's soul is also quickly headed for a fiery place. Another explosive outrage is being reported within the Vatican. The immediate responsible party is none other than Pope Francis, who has ignored massive sexual outrages throughout his 5-year pontificate. Francis is using the Catholic Church, through his power in the Vatican, to hide and protect sexual predators from the law. By refusing to identify individuals within the pedophile-homosexual infestation he has nurtured, he is also guilty of their crimes. It is time for this pontiff to step down - in infamy. The popeletts he has spawned in hundreds of fawning bishops should also step down.