I'm looking at a photo of protestors gathering outside the Catholic diocese of Covington, Ky. Tuesday, Jan. 22, 2019.

This was another gathering of mindless liberals, radicals, racists, and a free assortment of sign-waving Democrat bigots. This was a true hate ambush against high school kids. The important thing here is the fact that the kids not only did nothing wrong, they did everything right! They were waiting for a bus after the Pro-Life March. The hate and bigotry came to them, not the other way around. The kids responded courageously in the face of possible physical harm.

However, the diocese in Kentucky lost no time apologizing for the behavior of its high school students who had attended that march near the Lincoln Memorial. Videos had emerged showing students from Covington Catholic High smiling at members of a provocative, racist group calling themselves Hebrew Israelites. Confrontation is their gospel. "Out-of-town protesters were showing up with signs, chanting in the street. And death threats had shut down Covington Catholic High School. No one knew when it would be safe to open again."

A Catholic priest appeared on TV who also apologized for the alleged bad behavior of the students. I'm surprised one of the church's gutless bishops or cardinals didn't jump in as well. Fake News reports flooded the airwaves shaming the kids. Everyone wanted to get into the shoot-first game. Kids are an easy target, and so is the Catholic Church, for journalist hunter-killers.

Only after two days of reflection did the shameless media begin to re-think their defamatory attack, too late to save young reputations and the safety of group members. Sadly, this is the new standard for American journalism. Most of our news sources can no longer be trusted. As an industry it has been almost completely infested with the odious fungus of political bigotry, an irrational epidemic of propaganda. It's all about political power now, sparked in this case by the wearing of Trump hats.

I think Rush Limbaugh got it right in this morning's radio broadcast. In a crude paraphrase of his comments: We see here an example of the new Left's attack on traditional American values. The new Left, exemplified by the Democratic Party, most of our media, virtually all of the Hollywood influence, big government, etc. For the past 50 years America has been robbed of its traditional, Judeo-Christian morals. Everything that was good is now bad. The Left hates, and attempts to destroy, what good remains. Traditional conservative forces are now at war with the Left; it has taken too long to react.

So, white kids are infamously defamed, for their race and attacked for false notions of so-called "white privilege." These assaults come from deep, intense feelings of envy and social instability. These feelings spark violence and so are dangerous. In the case of the "Hebrew Israelites", who support only "God’s chosen ones - black, Hispanic and Native American people" (leaving out a couple billion souls) this envy will inevitably produce violence, demanding a defensive response.

The new liberal ethic has brought American journalism down, where it will probably remain for a generation or two.

Trump is doing what has to be done - but I fear he is 8-years too late.