Thank you Lord for the rain! For those of you who may find it annoying, think of the drought.


I think pastors and other group leaders would be wise to accept advise from our national health departments to avoid shaking hands during their gatherings. It's the flu season, and some dangerous bugs threaten serious ailments.


I'm not unfamiliar with bad art. I even find some in works by "genius artists" such as Picasso. But there are things such as bad art and there are crafts put together by malicious pretenders with intentional blasphemy in mind. While some religions are set to murder those who dare to blaspheme their religious beliefs, others, Christians in particular, are reluctant to retaliate with any sort of violence. For example, if you happen to be a sharia-believing Muslim, you are commanded to take violent action against anyone responsible for blaspheming the faith. I certainly do not wish to indorse any such extreme reaction. Except for the age of Crusades, Christians are extremely tolerant - I think too tolerant. But we have a duty defend the Church.

I am thinking about the most recent outrage against Christianity, the extraordinary blasphemy of Finnish "artist" Jani Leinonen who is exhibiting his “McJesus” (Jesus Christ rendered as Ronald McDonald fixed to a crucifix). It is being exhibited in Israel's Haifa Museum of Art. Blasphemy at this level, I believe, is Satan-inspired. Had this outrage occurred with Mohammad as the subject, instead of Jesus, it is likely the Museum itself would be destroyed, with dire consequences for the "artist" as well.

A billion and a half Christians around the world worship Jesus Christ as Lord, Savior, and God, which He is. But God is not mocked. This hideous example of fanatic anti-Christian thought will certainly be avenged, possibly later than sooner, but that is certain.

As for the Museum's responsibility to screen out virulent, violence-intending fake art, it has failed. As a fervent supporter of Israel I vehemently oppose the fact that this piece of trash was accepted into the Museum in the first place. Christianity has been Israel's closest and most generous friend since its foundation in 1948. This blasphemy is therefore also an act of treachery. I am still a strong supporter of Israel, but I'm waiting to see what can be done to remove this piece of trash from the Museum.

Please let's not hear an argument about First Amendment rights. In this case the abomination created by Mr. Leinonen is tantamount to fighting words, in a theater. If a correction will not be made, let the fight begin.

Contrary to popular belief, Christianity if not a pacifist religion.